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IDV Low Speed Head Arrow Orange

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Due to stringent safety requirements, some LARPs require low-speed arrows. Some rules also feature range limits for weapons like bows; a low speed arrow helps accomplish both safety and limited range. These flat tipped arrows are tipped with natural colored open cell foam, allowing for minimal impact. Aside from the fletching, the remainder of the LARP arrow is black. The arrow’s shaft and fletching streamline the projectile, allowing for accuracy despite the flat edge. These durable, soft arrows weigh less than a pound and measure 32 inches/81.3 centimeters in length. The orange fletching allows for easy identification and recovery, increasing the arrow’s visibility even during nighttime battles. The low speed head orange arrow is made by an engineer from IDV, a respected German company. Product made by IDV Engineering a German company.

Weight (g): 85
Total Length (cm): 81
Material: Calimacil Foam , IDV Foam

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