Holgar Tunic Wool

Ideal for Nordic and Medieval Costumes

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Discover the "Hol gar" short-sleeved tunic – perfect for Nordic and medieval LARP costumes. Made from a durable blend with elegant wool trim. Versatile and authentic.

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Color: Grey


Size: Large

All figures are in cm. Products are handmade, dimensions and colours tones may therefore differ slightly.


The short-sleeved tunic "Holgar" is ideal for wearing over a light tunic as a warming layer. It features decorative wool fabric trim on the sleeves and neckline. Its simple, classic cut makes it a perfect base for Nordic and medieval costumes. Made from a blend of 50% wool, 30% polyester, and 20% viscose, this tunic provides both comfort and durability. Whether you're attending a LARP event, a medieval market, or just want a touch of historical authenticity in your daily wear, the Holgar tunic is a versatile and stylish choice.


The Holgar tunic is perfect for characters such as Norse warriors, medieval peasants, or seasoned travelers. Its authentic design and practical features make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their Nordic or medieval persona.


  • Material: 50% Wool, 30% Polyester, 20% Viscose
  • Trim: Fishbone fabric
  • Chest circumference:
    • M: 116 cm
    • L: 124 cm
    • XL: 133 cm
    • XXL: 141 cm
    • XXXL: 150 cm
  • Hip circumference:
    • M: 120 cm
    • L: 128 cm
    • XL: 137 cm
    • XXL: 145 cm
    • XXXL: 154 cm
  • Width of shoulders:
    • M: 48 cm
    • L: 50 cm
    • XL: 52 cm
    • XXL: 54 cm
    • XXXL: 54 cm
  • Sleeve length:
    • M: 21 cm
    • L: 21.5 cm
    • XL: 21.5 cm
    • XXL: 21.5 cm
    • XXXL: 21.5 cm
  • HPS length:
    • M: 82.5 cm
    • L: 83.5 cm
    • XL: 85.5 cm
    • XXL: 86.5 cm
    • XXXL: 88.5 cm
  • Note: All figures are in cm. Our products are handmade, dimensions and colours may therefore differ slightly.

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