Wooden Jo Staff

Furanshisu's Legacy

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Introducing our LARP Wooden Jo Staff, crafted with durable Calimacil foam for reliable performance. Its octagonal shape provides enhanced grip and control. Lightweight yet sturdy, perfect for martial arts and LARP. Embrace LARPing or martial arts confidently with our Staff built for exceptional performance.

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Introducing our LARP Wooden Jo Staff, designed for shorter staff needs in LARPing and martial arts. Crafted with durable Calimacil foam, it offers reliable performance and longevity. Our Octagonal Staff replicates traditional length for an immersive experience. Made from sturdy foam, it withstands intense battles and training sessions, ensuring safety and performance. With its octagonal shape, it provides enhanced grip and control for precise maneuvers. The ergonomic design offers comfortable hand placement, maximizing maneuverability. Lightweight yet sturdy, this staff is ideal for martial arts or thrilling LARP battles. It strikes the perfect balance between functionality and realism. Embrace the world of LARPing or martial arts confidently with our Octagonal Staff, built for enduring combat and exceptional performance.


In the Far East, a wise warrior named Furanshisu sought an extraordinary weapon. He discovered a sacred grove guarded by an ancient oak tree. Intrigued by a fallen branch, he crafted it into the Wooden Jo Staff, embodying grace and strength.

Furanshisu mastered the staff, developing the Way of the Silent Oak, a martial art of fluidity and precision. Its practitioners found inner peace through disciplined movements.

Today, the Way thrives, passed down through generations. The Wooden Jo Staff symbolizes the power of nature and the path of honor and enlightenment in martial arts.

May the legend inspire all on this path, reminding them of the wisdom within the Silent Oak.


The LARP Wooden Jo Staff is a versatile weapon suitable for various LARP characters. Martial artists, forest guardians, wise sages, nomadic warriors, and shapeshifters can all utilize this staff to enhance their combat abilities and complement their unique character stories. Choose the LARP Wooden Jo Staff to unlock new possibilities for immersive LARP experiences.


  • Weight (g): 580
  • Total Length (cm): 127
  • Material: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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