hard pouch for sword belt

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Keep your essentials close with Epic Armoury's Hard Pouch for Sword Belt, crafted from durable leather with two compartments for storing your treasures securely during your LARP adventures.

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Color: Black

Emperor Red


Epic Armoury's Hard Pouch for Sword Belt is a durable leather pouch with two compartments. The leather has been hardened and formed around a wood form to give it a distinctive shape. Each compartment is 5 cm by 7 cm wide and 10 cm deep, with stitching to ensure the pouch keeps its shape. Each compartment is closed with a strong leather strap that wraps around a brass pin, ensuring no one gets to your possessions.


“It was a long journey, and it was time to rest. As the others sat down around the halfling, he rested his feet in front of him and wiggled his toes. His feet ached like he'd walked a hundred miles on broken glass. He'd eaten his rations a while back, and the others had stopped sharing with him. But he wasn't entirely out of creature comforts. He reached down into the hard pouch he carried next to his sheath, and his fingers grasped the tobacco for his pipe. "Sometimes you need to treat yourself", he mumbled.”


  • Depth: 4.5 cm
  • Height: 14 cm
  • Width: 19 cm
  • Maximum Belt Width: 6 cm
  • Weight: 373g

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