Harbinger II

The Death Knight's Judgment

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The Harbinger II Foam LARP Sword, a Calimacil masterpiece inspired by the Four Horsemen, features a stunning design with intricate details, Chainmail Knight pommel, demonic horse head guard, and a Centuriones Equitae blade. A perfect blend of menace and regal elegance, it's a remarkable piece of art and functionality.

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Length: Bastard

Two Hands


The New Harbinger II Foam LARP Sword, a stunning creation from the Calimacil design team, draws inspiration from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Its handle is a masterpiece of intricate details, featuring Chainmail Knight pommel and demonic horse heads in the guard. This sword boasts a new paint scheme and a Centuriones Equitae blade, striking a perfect balance between menace and regal elegance. It's the embodiment of artistry and functionality in one remarkable piece.


The Chapter of the 7th Seal, part of a once-wronged civilization, returns to seek ultimate revenge through an apocalyptic event. The Death Knight, leading its minions, wields the Harbinger II, a blade that holds the essence of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Legend speaks of the Harbinger II, a dark blade forged in an ancient and mysterious forge. It harnesses the combined powers of the Four Horsemen, granting the Death Knight unparalleled strength and control over the forces of the undead and destruction. With each swing of the blade, the Harbinger II unleashes the fury of the Horsemen, reaping devastation in its wake.

Feared by all who encounter him, the Death Knight is a relentless and merciless warrior. Clad in dark armor and wielding the Harbinger II, he strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. His mastery of combat and dark magic makes him a formidable adversary, capable of single-handedly turning the tide of battle. His gaze judging the livings for ancient sins lost to time.

Prepare yourself, for the Death Knight and his Harbinger II are a force to be reckoned with. Their legend captivates the imaginations of those who dare to delve into the necropoles of The Chapter of the 7th Seal, where darkness and destruction reign supreme.


This sword with its royal details is perfect for knights, noblemen, and lords, from our realm or from far away. However, the sword itself is calling any devilish characters to wield it up and bring the apocalypse to life or any other ill intents.


Weight (g): Bastard: 528 ; Two Hands: 549
Total Length (cm): Bastard: 109 ; Two Hands: 121
Blade Length (cm): Bastard: 81 ; Two Hands: 93
Blade Tickness (cm):
Blade color: Brushed Steel
Blade Type: Centuriones Equitae
Handle Length (cm): 28
Grip length (cm): 17
Cross guard width (cm): 20
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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