Hamond Puttees - Herringbone

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Limited edition, only while stocks last

Puttees have been in use from the Iron Age until the medieval times. It was "reinvented" by the military and used as regular equipment for soldiers in World War I. and in the second World War. Be it Roman legionary or french soldier: this easy to put on leg dress warmes the calfs and protects from scratches and bruises. Our "Hamond" puttees are made from robust canvas fabric. With its 380 cm length, it can be used for wrapping up to the knee - even thicker calfs should get their share of warmth. Early medieval costumes, such as germanic tribesmen or Wikings, will find a good use when strolling through the woods in cold days - it keeps dry and warm and does not only function as an accessory. Leather strings or hidden fixing pins close the puttees and secure them tightly on the place.


  • Material: herringbone (30% polyester, 30% acrylic, 21% wool, 13% cotton, 6% viscose)
  • Length: app. 380 cm
  • Width: 12,5 cm
  • Weight (pair): app. 350 g
  • The price pertains to one pair!

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