Gunnar Trousers Wool

Authentic Viking-style trousers with modern practicality.

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Discover the "Gunnar" trousers, Rus or Viking pants perfect for LARP and medieval events, featuring belt loops, pockets, and a front button placket for practicality. Handmade with wool, polyester, and viscose blend.

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The Gunnar trousers are designed in the style of Rus or Viking pants, making them perfect for Nordic costumes. For usability in LARP, these trousers feature practical enhancements like belt loops, pockets, and a front button placket. These additions make the trousers versatile and comfortable for all situations at a LARP, medieval market, or even in everyday life.

Crafted from a blend of 50% wool, 30% polyester, and 20% viscose, these trousers provide both durability and comfort. The Gunnar trousers are a blend of historical inspiration and modern practicality, ensuring you can move freely and look authentic in your costume.


The Gunnar trousers are ideal for characters such as Viking warriors, Norse traders, or any adventurer from the Nordic realms. Whether you are portraying a fierce raider on the battlefield or a wise skald telling tales in the mead hall, these trousers will enhance your character's authenticity and comfort.


  • Material: 50% Wool, 30% Polyester, 20% Viscose
  • Waistband circumference:
    • M: 91 cm
    • L: 100 cm
    • XL: 111 cm
    • XXL: 121 cm
    • XXXL: 132 cm
  • Hip circumference:
    • M: 120 cm
    • L: 128 cm
    • XL: 138 cm
    • XXL: 145 cm
    • XXXL: 154 cm
  • Inside length of trouser leg:
    • M: 83 cm
    • L: 85 cm
    • XL: 87 cm
    • XXL: 89 cm
    • XXXL: 89 cm
  • Length of bottom part of leg:
    • M: 34 cm
    • L: 35 cm
    • XL: 36 cm
    • XXL: 37 cm
    • XXXL: 37 cm
  • Upper leg circumference:
    • M: 80 cm
    • L: 85 cm
    • XL: 91 cm
    • XXL: 96 cm
    • XXXL: 102 cm
  • Circumference upper edge of lower part:
    • M: 40 cm
    • L: 45 cm
    • XL: 50 cm
    • XXL: 58 cm
    • XXXL: 59 cm
  • Note: All figures are in cm. Our products are handmade, dimensions and colours may therefore differ slightly.

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