Gnome Hat

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Embrace your inner gnome with Epic Armoury's Gnome Hat, crafted from a classic wool blend for an iconic look. Available in various colors, this hat adds a touch of magic to your LARP character.

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Color: Ranger Green

Ranger Green
Emperor Red
Charcoal Grey

Size: S-M



The Epic Armoury Gnome Hat offers the quintessential look for anyone seeking an iconic piece of headwear for a gnome or pixie. The hat features a simple, classic wool-blend design without a rim or tassel. With several colours to choose from, it now falls to you to decide your domain. Do you wear the green of the garden or forest? Perhaps the grey for the attic, barn or basement? Or the red for the house or the high season of Yuletide? Either way, the pixie dust is on your side!


“The tall ones did not notice her. They never did. Yet, their small offerings of nuts and dried fruits were an expression of goodwill, if not an outright appreciation of her work. Most tall folk considered keeping troublesome spirits away from the farm as mere superstition. But to her, it was hard work. Banishing a poltergeist deserved a befitting recognition. Not all farms understood this. But the tall folk at this farm were kind to those under their protection. She would stay to do her part – as long as her hat was red and pointy!”


  • Materials: Wool blend
  • Full Height: S-M: 27 cm ; L-XL: 29 cm
  • Inside Circumference: S-M: 56 cm ; L-XL: 58 cm

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