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George armour cloak

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A simple yet stylish cloak, made special by how to secure it; two long straps cross over the chest, then again behind the back and then knotted around the midriff. Thus, the cloak stays in place and does not constrict or pull at the throat even if the wearer moves a lot. It goes along perfectly well with armor as you can bind it above or under the breastplate and the cloak will fit nicely around the collar.

Size: One-size
Length: 118cm
Hem width: 160cm
Designed in Germany by Mytholon

Mytholon Costume Sizing


 XSS (& XS/S)M (& S/M)L (& M/L)XL (& L/XL)XXL (& XL/XXL)
Chest circumference (cm)78-8186-8994-97103-107114-119126-131
Waist circumference (cm)62-6469-7278-8186-9096-102109-114
Hip circumference (cm)85-8995-97102-104109-112117-122129-134


 XSS (& XS/S)M (& S/M)L (& M/L)XL (& L/XL)XXL (& XL/XXL)
Chest circomference (cm)82-8590-9398-101106-109114-117122-125
Waist circomference (cm)70-7378-8186-8995-99105-109115-119
Hip circomference (cm)86-8994-97102-105110-113118-121126-129

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Perfect for knights and armored character

For those who have plate armor, this cape is simply the best i ever found. it does stay only in the back so it doesnt become a nuisance for your arms. it is thick enough so it won't get damaged easily by branches or other Larp-related stuff, yet still very light for it's sturdiness. The best thing about it is that it doesn't get stuck in your armor. It is a great cheaper alternative to a complete tabard and adds a nice look.

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