Eventide Spear

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Prepare for battle with Epic Armoury's Eventide Spear, inspired by dark elves and Norse mythology. This latex-hybrid weapon offers versatility and durability for LARP warriors, featuring a long shaft and a deadly spearhead.

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Material: Latex

Product contains latex


Epic Armoury's Eventide Spear takes its design cues from several sources. It is built like a long spear, almost reaching a pike's length. At the same time, the spearhead features a crossguard, more closely resembling a short sword intended for stabbing. For its appearance, it is closely linked to modern dark elves and classic Norse mythology in the Svartálfar. It is a latex-hybrid weapon featuring closed-cell foam, a fibreglass core, and a latex coating for durability. The glaive is 250 cm long, with a 41 cm long spearhead. It can be split into two using a threaded bolt system, allowing you to use the upper half of the spear as a shorter stabbing sword, provided you cover the bolt securely first. The weapon shaft is finely sculpted to look like dark mahogany, where you can see the grooves in the wood. It only has slight gold detailing, making it an obvious choice for a character that wishes to remain unseen.


"Rhadza and his fellow warriors were ranked up, spears and shields held at the ready. They had been told to hold this tunnel against any attackers and were on their toes. Something moved at the edge of Rhadza's dark vision, and his fingers moved through the intricate movements, telling the others to make ready. Their spears were readied, quieter than death itself, and they formed a shield wall, creating a tunnel of death. As the enemy, a unit of gnomes attacked, Rhadza felt nothing but the heavy impact of bodies on his spear — bodies that didn't know they were already dead."


  • Blade Length: 41 cm
  • Blade Width: 9.5 cm
  • Grip Length: 147 cm
  • Handle Circumference: 13 cm
  • Length: 250 cm
  • Weight(g): 1250

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