Eventide Shield

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Join the shield wall with Epic Armoury's Eventide Shield, inspired by Norse Svartálfar and modern dark elves. Crafted for durability and intimidation, it features a dragon wing design and bouche for versatile combat.

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Color: Black/Grey


Size: Large

Product contains latex


Epic Armoury's Eventide Shield is shaped like a mix between the heater shields and flat-topped kite shields from the mid to late 12th century, where they were used as a simple way to protect a warrior, whether that warrior was on foot or mounted (especially in the case of the kite shields). Its appearance is based on the Norse Svartálfar and modern dark elves and has been shaped to resemble a dragon wing for intimidation. It is made of closed-cell foam with a latex coating for durability and shaped like a dragon wing for intimidation. Furthermore, it has a bouche – the cut out on the shield – for resting a spear or lance when in formation with other warriors, ensuring visibility and mobility for those around you. On the back are three leather straps to wield the shield horizontally, vertically or at a 45-degree angle.


"Earlier that day, the shield wall had held. Now, it was to be tested again. They were lined up in formation, their shields and spears in position. A cold wind cut through the air, causing Rhadza's teeth to chatter like he had a horrendous fever. The wind indicated that the gnomes had opened some sunless lands to the world below. He pointed his fingers towards the other end of the tunnel, and as one, they set off on a hunt for gnomes, silent as a viper through tall grass."


  • Size: 128 x 53 cm
  • Weight: 1576 g

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