Eventide Scimitar

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Unleash the fury of the bladesinger with Epic Armoury's Eventide Scimitar. Inspired by Norse Svartálfar and modern dark elves, this latex-hybrid weapon features intricate detailing and durability for intense LARP battles.

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Material: Hybrid


Product contains latex

Inspired by Norse Svartálfar and modern dark elves, Epic Armoury's Eventide Scimitar is a 103 cm latex-hybrid weapon. It features closed-cell foam, a fibreglass core, a latex coating, and a detailed polyurethane handle for durability.

The detailing on the Eventide Scimitar includes a skull-like pommel and a guard featuring gold accents, while the sculpted grip gives you great comfort and maneuverability with the weapon.


"Her blades wove a deadly dance as she approached. The goblin smelt like sweat, desperation, and fear as she stalked her prey. The bladesinger was confident in her ability to take out this goblin and its five friends lying in ambush. They would regret rising in a slave revolt, and she would ensure they were put down. Her blade slashed out and gutted the goblin like a pig, spilling his guts like a river bursting its banks. Today, her scimitars would taste goblin blood."


  • Blade Length(cm): 78
  • Blade Width(cm): 8
  • Crossguard Width(cm): 7
  • Grip Length(cm): 11
  • Handle Circumference(cm): 10
  • Length(cm): 105
  • Weight(g): 325

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