Eventide pourpoint

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Prepare for the feast with Epic Armoury's Eventide Pourpoint, offering partial armor protection with comfort and flexibility. Inspired by historical sources, dark elves, and Norse mythology, it ensures a perfect fit for LARP adventures.

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Color: Emperor Red/Epic Black

Emperor Red/Epic Black
Epic Black
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Epic Armoury's Eventide Pourpoint sits somewhere between a gambeson and a doublet in that it can be worn both with and without armour and with armour, which would make it far more comfortable. It is made from cotton, cotton padding, and suede pieces on the exposed and armoured areas, such as the upper and lower arms and the upper chest. It can be adjusted for comfort using the many strings, aglets and eyeholes, ensuring it will fit you perfectly. Historically, pourpoints were used as a thinner gambeson, though only the poorest soldiers used it as their only armour. Later on, they developed to become more like normal clothing instead of functioning as armour. It takes its visual clues from these historical sources, modern dark elves, and classic Norse Svartálfar to give you a protective and flexible garment.


"Lacire tied up the last of the strings of her pourpoint and nodded at her attendant. While it was a partial armour, it would provide some protection during the feast. Lacira looked forward to the feast with as much enthusiasm as she would have looked forward to kissing a hog that was on fire. And this was supposed to be a victory? She took a sip of the green wine on her bed stand. It had been thoroughly checked for poison, and while its tart taste was mixed with a hint of the mushroom used to make it, she still enjoyed it. The beverages later tonight would be of sun-world origin and were far too sweet for her liking."

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