Eventide helmet

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Enhance your vision and protection with Epic Armoury's Eventide Helmet, inspired by dark elves and Norse mythology. Crafted from leather and steel, it offers comfort and peripheral vision for LARP battles.

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Color: Epic Dark

Epic Dark

Size: L-XL



The modern dark elves and the classic Svartálfar of Norse mythology inspire Epic Armoury's Eventide Helmet. The large eye slits allow for greater peripheral vision than most helmets, and the slats cut into the mouthguard mean the airflow is only minimally disrupted. The helmet combines sturdy leather and steel for protection, with the leather as the steel's backing. This ensures greater comfort than the naked steel. The helmet's fit can be adjusted with the padding that comes with it, and leather straps allow you to tighten it around your chin.


"Findur considered his old helmet. It protected well, but that came at a cost: a loss of sound and vision that he was never quite comfortable with. His new helmet was different. It carried a strange smell of incense and mushrooms, but it was a very different design. It had been taken off the corpse of a dark elf after a recent attack. It still killed some sound, but he could see much better. He put on the helmet and immediately regretted it as a sibilant whisper crawled into his mind. “Greetings, my new servant. You’ll do well.”


  • Weight: S-M: 1873 g ; L-XL: 2207
  • Depth: S-M: 23 cm ; L-XL: 25
  • Full Height: S-M: 29 cm ; L-XL: 33
  • Inside Circumfrence: S-M: 56 cm ; L-XL: 60
  • Width: S-M: 18 cm ; L-XL: 20

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