Eventide Greaves

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Defend your lower legs with Epic Armoury's Eventide Greaves, inspired by dark elves and Norse mythology. Crafted from leather and steel, these greaves offer protection and intimidation for LARP battles.

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Color: Epic Dark

Epic Dark

Size: L-XL



Epic Armoury's Eventide Greaves are designed to protect the knee and lower legs and take inspiration from the tales of modern dark elves and the classic Svartálfar of Norse mythology for their appearance. This gives them a mean and deadly look to intimidate anyone coming up against the wearer in combat. The greaves are leather that wraps around your lower leg using sturdy leather straps. This allows for a certain degree of comfort, and they're reinforced with 1 mm steel for added protection. We recommend wearing Gambeson Legs or similar padding underneath the Greaves to make them more comfortable and absorb any blow's force better.


"Keep moving, or you'll be fed to the animals!" Garrash kicked out at one of the lowly goblins around him and swore. The filthy little things stank like wet dog, horse manure and sweaty socks. How they could breathe near each other was beyond him. He kicked out again and swore again as he broke the goblin's nose. Now he'd have to clean his greaves, which was all these stupid things' fault!


  • Weight: S-M: 672 g ; L-XL: 869
  • Full Length: S-M: 46 cm ; L-XL: 51
  • Knee Length: S-M: 14 cm ; L-XL: 17
  • Knee Width: S-M: 22 cm ; L-XL: 26
  • Shin Length: S-M: 33 cm ; L-XL: 38
  • Width At Ankle: S-M: 16 cm ; L-XL: 20
  • Width at Calf: S-M: 23 cm ; L-XL: 26.5

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