Eventide Gorget

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Shield your neck from enemy blows with Epic Armoury's Eventide Gorget. Crafted from 1mm mild steel and inspired by dark elves and Norse mythology, it complements your LARP armor for maximum protection.

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Color: Epic Dark

Epic Dark

Size: L-XL



Epic Armoury's Eventide Gorget is made of 1 mm thick mild steel and is designed to protect the neck, where there is a gap between chest armour and helmet. It is inspired by the deadly allure of the Norse Svartálfar and the tales of modern dark elves, complimenting their deadly appearance and demeanour. We recommend that you wear a Gambeson underneath the armour for comfort.

The Eventide Gorget matches with the Eventide Armour Complete Set and perfectly accompanies the Eventide Cuirass.


“He heard the blow before he felt it land. With a whoosh, the enemy’s sword sliced through the air, and he braced himself for the pain. Instead, the enemy’s sword deflected off his gorget. It still hurt like being kicked in the throat by a horse, but he was still alive, and the enemy wouldn’t be for long.”

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