Eventide bracers

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Safeguard your arms on the fencing stage with Epic Armoury's Eventide Bracers. Inspired by dark elves and Norse mythology, these leather vambraces with steel reinforcement offer protection and comfort for intense LARP battles.

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Color: Epic Dark

Epic Dark

Size: L-XL



Epic Armoury's Eventide Bracers are a vambrace designed to protect the arms from an opponent's damage. The modern dark elves and the classic Svartálfar of Norse mythology inspire the appearance. The bracers are leather that wraps around your arms with two sturdy leather straps. This allows for a certain degree of comfort, and they're reinforced with 1 mm steel for added protection. We recommend wearing Gambeson Arms or similar padding underneath the Bracers to make them more comfortable and better absorb any blow's force.


“Fencing is an art form where you compete with a rival artist. Our sword is our brush, and much like a painter dips his brush in paint to make art, we dip our swords in the rival’s blood. However, today, we’ll be talking about your rival’s canvas. That canvas, as a fencer, is your body. And you must protect your canvas, for when a blade penetrates your skin and draws forth blood, you’ll slowly tire, like a bull being bled - trying to fight back but eventually failing. And of the whole canvas, your arms are most exposed. So put on your armguards, and let’s start.”


  • Full Length(cm): S-M: 23 ; L-XL: 26
  • Strap Length(cm): S-M: 28 ; L-XL: 28
  • Strap Width(cm): S-M: 1.3 ; L-XL:1.3
  • Width at Wrist(cm): S-M: 17 ; L-XL:19
  • Width Below Elbow(cm): S-M: 22 ; L-XL:25

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