Eventide Belt shield

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Prepare for battle with Epic Armoury's Eventide Belt Shield, inspired by dark elves and Norse mythology. Crafted for mobility and protection, it covers vulnerable areas with steel and leather, ensuring you can move freely on the battlefield.

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Color: Epic Dark

Epic Dark


The modern dark elves and the classic Svartálfar of Norse mythology inspire Epic Armoury's Eventide Belt Shield. The design came from the fact that many leave their upper hips and waist unprotected, relying on breastplates and leg protection. It covers the vulnerable areas with steel and keeps mobility high with leather, ensuring you can move easily. The shields are attached to a belt to ensure you can move however you want, but if you wish, it is relatively easy to modify and can be tied around the thigh as well.


“She’d never considered her hips or thighs a weak spot, but a week of training at the school of fighters had taught her differently. They were as sore as after a week-long spanking from her mother. But she had learned well and grinned while mounting the belt shield around her waist. Her teachers were in for a surprise.”


  • Materials: Mild Steel, Leather

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