Elemental Mage Staff Bundle V2

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Introducing the Elemental Staff Set: a versatile 2-part LARP staff. Choose Oakwood or Biirch. Select from 3 gem styles and 4 colors per gem. Use the Hallen Key to switch gems or flames on the field, adapting to different character styles. Elevate your LARPing experience with this customizable and powerful staff.

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Crystal Gem V2 - Type 1 - Ruby Ember Crystal Gem V2 - Type 1 - Ruby Ember
Crystal Gem V2 - Type 2 - Emerald Grove Crystal Gem V2 - Type 2 - Emerald Grove
Crystal Gem V2 - Type 3 - Titanium Aura Quartz Crystal Gem V2 - Type 3 - Titanium Aura Quartz
Elemental Mage Staff V2 without Gem Elemental Mage Staff V2 without Gem
Elemental Flame V2 Type 1 - Embercrest Inferno Elemental Flame V2 Type 1 - Embercrest Inferno
Elemental Flame V2 Type 2 - Scorchfire Elemental Flame V2 Type 2 - Scorchfire
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Introducing the Elemental Staff Kit - a two-part LARP staff that combines versatility, customization, and style. Choose between Oakwood or Birch for your staff's enchanting wood color. Then, select from three gem shapes or 2 flame shapes and customize further with four color options per gem/flame, Water Blue, Nature Green, Purple Lighting, and Fire Red, allowing you to personalize your staff to match your character's personality and story.

What sets the Elemental Staff Kit apart is its innovative Chicago screw system. With this feature, you can easily switch gems on the field with a simple screwdriver, adapting your staff to different character styles or situations. Unleash the fury of fire one moment, then harness the soothing currents of water the next. The Elemental Staff Kit V2 empowers you with unparalleled flexibility during your LARP adventures.

Embrace the power of the elements and make a statement with the Elemental Staff Kit V2. Whether you're a seasoned LARPer or new to the world of live-action role-playing, this exceptional staff will become an invaluable companion on your epic journeys. Elevate your LARPing experience to new heights and forge your path with a staff that is as unique as you are.


In the ancient realm of Zephyria, a legend was whispered among adventurers, enchanters, and warriors alike. It spoke of a mystical artifact known as The Elemental Staff, a weapon of unparalleled power and boundless potential. Crafted by the skilled hands of master artisans and infused with the essence of the primordial elements, this staff became the embodiment of nature's might. Its shaft, intricately carved from ancient oak, pulsated with a vibrant energy, while its gemstone tip shimmered with the ethereal hues of fire, water, earth, and air.

Legend had it that only those deemed worthy could wield The Elemental Staff and tap into the raw forces of creation. With a mere touch, flames danced at its command, water bent to its will, the earth trembled under its influence, and gusts of wind carried its bearer to soaring heights. As the chosen ones brandished this sacred artifact, they became conduits of elemental magic, channeling the very essence of the cosmos. The Elemental Staff was a symbol of harmony and balance, a bridge between mortals and the divine, empowering those who dared to embark on epic quests and write their names in the annals of Zephyria's history.


The Elemental Larp Staff attracts a diverse range of characters, each seeking to harness its formidable power. From wise wizards and fierce druids to noble warriors and cunning rogues, the staff's elemental energies enhance their abilities. Whether conjuring spells, manipulating nature, bolstering defense, or creating illusions, the staff becomes a conduit for characters to tap into the raw forces of the elements and leave their mark on the Larp realms.

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