Edward greaves 2nd edition

Sturdy and Reliable Greaves for Medieval Warriors

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Discover the revised Edward armour greaves, made from high-quality steel for exceptional protection and comfort in LARP and medieval events.

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Color: Browned/Blank



Edward Armour Greaves


Our revised Edward armour greaves are designed to offer exceptional protection and comfort during LARP events, reenactments, and medieval fairs. Made from high-quality steel, these greaves provide robust defense while ensuring ease of movement. Their sleek design and precise construction make them a perfect addition to any warrior's attire, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The greaves are crafted to fit comfortably, with dimensions that cater to various leg sizes. Their durable material ensures they can withstand the rigors of battle, making them a reliable choice for any combat scenario. Whether you are defending your kingdom or participating in a grand tournament, the Edward armour greaves will keep you well-protected.


The Edward armour greaves are ideal for knights, soldiers, and any medieval warrior character. Their sturdy construction and classic design make them suitable for a variety of roles, from noble champions to seasoned mercenaries. These greaves will complement your armour set, adding authenticity and durability to your character's outfit.


  • Material: Steel
  • Length: 34.5 cm
  • Upper width: 27 cm
  • Lower width: 24 cm

All figures are in cm. Our products are handmade, so dimensions and colors may slightly vary.

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