Dress Freya - Discontinued

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Color: Beige/Dark Red

Beige/Dark Red
Dark Red/Epic Black

Size: 6-8

2X/3X Large


Even at a young age, you are training to become a shieldmaiden. You wear your Freya Dress, but you are still ready to train with your boots and small sword in hand.

Today you are stuck learning how to weave and spin with your mother and the other ladies, but when the work is done you will begin shield practice. After all, one day you will be one of the greatest fighters in the land.


Epic Armoury’s Desert Beige/Ocher Dress Freya is a simple slip-on dress with long sleeves and a boat neckline for kids. Designed to serve as a base layer for a more complex costume, this dress can also function as a costume on its own. The dress reaches from the shoulders to the ankles and has a wide skirt with plenty of room, making movement easy. The sleeves are wrist-long and dramatically flared.

The hem of the skirt and sleeves is adorned with a wide ocher band. The dress is made from comfortable, beige dyed cotton. It can be adjusted to the individual along the sides with cotton strings. The cut is handsome but moderate, and will suit most children regardless of setting.


  • Medieval children often wore the same fashions as adults until the 16th- and 17th-centuries
  • Inspired by the medieval lower class families and Vikings

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