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Blacksmith Apron

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"Bang, Bang!" The rhythmic sound of the shock between the heavy hammer and the hot hammered steel resounds in the workshop like a war song. Between two clouds of steam and smoke, a muscular arm or a strand of black hair stuck to the blacksmith's forehead can sometimes be seen. Brimag the half-orc was made famous locally not by bloody battles or drinking contests, like many of her brothers and sisters, but with talent, patience and meticulousness. And that's how she finished one of her most beautiful pieces: an elaborated shield that should resist the most powerful blows of the most despicable monsters! The craftswoman stepped back for a moment to admire her work, wiping her calloused hands against her leather apron that protected her from sparks and metal splinters. A satisfied smile showed her sharp fangs; it was a beautiful day's work."


This beautiful leather apron is the perfect piece to make your LARP characters shine or even to protect you in real life! Made from water-resistant waxed leather with a cracked look that gives a beautifully worn finish, it will effectively protect your torso and sides from any work injury, real or imaginary. The adjustable straps on the back and neck make this product functional for both small and large sizes. The sewed trim, made of the same type of leather, gives body to the apron while maintaining its flexibility. But the best is yet to come: two large riveted leather pockets, hanging loops, a utility strap, and a ring on the chest to allow you to hang all your accessories and customize your apron to your character's taste. Depending on whether you prefer to be a blacksmith, an alchemist, a scientist, or a butcher in your favorite Live Action Roleplaying Game, you can proudly display pliers, knives, vials, scrolls, hammers, and more!


  • Suitable from small to large
  • Adjustable back and neck straps
  • With 2 storage pockets, 1 utility strap, 1 1/4" ring, and 3 hanging eyelets.
  • Available in 2 colors


  • Crunch" leather 2-3oz waxed
  • Leather 5-6 oz
  • Antique hardware


  • Total length: 34".
  • Bottom width: 36''
  • Top width: 11''

Made in Quebec by Les Artisans d'Azure

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