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Color: Blue
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The tall marble vault of the upper temple echoed the duel. "Again!" exclaimed his master-in-arms after having disarmed him once more. Picking up his weapon with a firm hand, the disciple returns to his defensive position, his gaze still pierced with humiliation. His ego had pushed him to challenge his master but it was his determination that kept him standing. To reach the heights he had set for himself, he would have to go through much more difficult tests. Tightening his fingers around the handle of his spear, he leapt; this strike will be the one to make him victorious!


While creating this weapon, we wanted to make a very detailed naginata with a multitude of nested pieces to represent the organic complexity of a spider. The plates interlocking with each other recall the almost mechanical workings of an insect and the metallic coloring is inspired by their chitinous shells. Made of Calimacil safe foam, this weapon will accompany you in all your battles.


This weapon will have its place in the hands of any front-line soldier or city's sentry. It can however be a very nice option for anyone looking for a weapon with a good length and a good grip.

Weight (g): 900
Total Length (cm): 191
Blade Length (cm): 71
Material: Calimacil Foam

Mythic Workshop Collection

In the desire to obtain products of incomparable quality, Dracolite, a company of medieval-inspired creations delivering to a clientele all around the globe, partnered with Calimacil, a world-class supplier of foam weapons, to create a legendary brand for the LARP community. Thus was born Mythic Workshop, a series of collections of weapons, armor and accessories that will redefine the affordable high-end.

The weapon, being an important part of a GN character, must be recognized at a glance. It must respect the atmosphere of the collection but be generic enough to reach a wider variety of players. This is what the Mythic Workshop collection is all about: creating weapons that will respect the imaginary culture of a character but also match the needs of various professions.

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Customer Reviews

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As I hope, glad with the item!

Only thing that was sad and boring, was the waiting period to have it in hand!

Outstanding Product.

I just recieved the naginata in the post after just 1.5 week of ordering. The quality and detailed finishing of the weapon is without compare and this weapon is a definitely a recommendation. It fights nice, it has a good distributed weight and the hard handle has a good grip. Only downside for me was the price, also with shipping and dutch taxes it can get expensive. But the quality/price ratio is very high.

Outstanding product long production time

As usual the calimacil product is outstanding in quality and details - always worth the time waiting for the production.
However exactly this time it took longer time than usual - and we had to email calimacil and request expected delivery date. Fist then calimacil told us, that there were problems with the specific colour we had ordered. Better would have been, if calimacil had contactet us and explained about the problem. After contacting calimacil, we got other colour option delivered very fast.
Anytime, when we wish first class products, our recommendation will be calimacil

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