• FUTURE ORIENTED : The CaliMotion Platform is designed for future adaptation and exponential growth.


  • CLOUD BASED : The CaliMotion Platform is built on an internet cloud which the CaliMotion circuit connects to via Wi-Fi. Once connected, devices can be managed at distance from your computer or mobile devices.


  • SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT KIT (SDK) : Create your own CaliMotion experience! SDKs and APIs will be available for third-party developers to create apps and games The possibilities are endless!


  • INTERCONNECT UNLIMITED DEVICES : You could interconnect a whole CaliMotion armour kit, or battle with all of your friends, and all of your friend’s friends, at the same time! More devices, even more fun!


  • MANAGE YOUR DEVICES REMOTELY : No hardwiring needed! CaliMotion devices are all Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. Simply login to the CaliMotion Platform to manage your devices and their behaviors.



Color is fully customizable. You can easily upload a BMP file and play it on your saber!  It let you make breathtaking effects such as lighting, fire, explosion, wave, flag. Your imagination is the limit


Adjust the volume or change the sounds your LEDsaber makes altogether. Everything is adjustable! Add a WAV file, combine sounds, make it play what you want with 2 watts loudspeaker output.


Customizable vibration effects which synchronize with our hit detection and other applications. For example, it could be used as feedback in a training app.

Energy Core

More than a battery, the EnergyCore CaliMotion can be changed in 15 seconds. The lithium-ion battery 3.7V 5000 mAh is rechargeable with any standard USB-C cable. You could charge it up to 3 amps. Last 2-4 hours of play. 

1000 lumens Light

Powerful Double LED strip 192 LED 35ma emitting about 6 lumens per led (full white) for a total of over 1000 lumens. 


Live Motion Detection

Our motion sensors can distinguish between standing still, different movement speeds, hits and even locked hits. It has programmable movement recognition through AI algorithms with infinite possibilities.


Our foam sleeve is only 17 grams. The translucent foam reduce considerably   impact. Foam is also covered with ripstop fabric. 


CaliMotion LEDsabers can be used in pairs with a smartphone through our own mobile app. No need for cables, as your Saber is linked to the app via Bluetooth for fast and easy configuration.


Connects to the CaliMotion Universe applications via Wi-Fi/BLE. Configure and interconnect your devices from your computer or mobile device.


The configuration of the LED Saber, the game and training mode will be available from your mobile device on iOS and Android and also directly from your Windows-PC