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Great knife!

Can't wait to try it out. Thanks a lot, Corona.

Amazing quality

I bought this sword right before the quarantine was suggested in Canada and it arrived on time and in amazing condition. I can’t wait to use it when this is over.

A Solid, Quality Piece

I'm using this for my Novice II sword, and the pair work really well together. Not only does it look good, but it also brings authenticity to my outfit! :)

A Fantastic First Sword

My brother and I have recently gotten into the world of LARP, and we are considering going to Canada's big annual event, Bicolline. I purchased one new and one refurbished Novice II sword, and both are of great quality. I've been told Calimacil makes excellent LARP weapons, and so far, they do! :)

A great armor at a resonable price!

I've had this armor for nearly two years now, and i love it. It is well made and can take a beating ! As of lately i had to redow a few rivets here and there, but it is to be expecter since it sees a lot of combat !
Overall a great armor


Oh my god, I have no words for how happy this thing makes me. I am a tiny, petite Asian woman who for the life of me could not find any way to wear a scabbarded sword in a way that I can actually use— my arms are too short to unsheathe them all the way! I'd basically given up on ever participating in any kind of LARP event because I couldn't stand the anxious thought of having to stop, unbuckle and take off my belt or baldric, and use both hands to remove the sword in front of normal, non-halfling-size humans. This works beautifully! After only about half an hour of figuring out how best to wear it (strap lengths, which way was up, etc.) and another maybe 15 minutes of practice, I can now smoothly sheathe and unsheathe my favorite double-handed longsword without feeling like a stunted hobbit. I will say, though, that the straps are still too long for me and I had to make new holes with my awl so that I could get a secure fit. I won't ding any stars for this, though, as I am on the unnaturally petite side and I always have to add new holes in belts unless I buy from the kids' section. As soon as this quarantine lifts up I will definitely take many pictures in it and wear it to as many events as I can!!

best decorum set

I really love how good this set is, knife is super sharp same with the ends of the picks/forks where it makes it easy to get at things. I also like the fact I can wash it without having to oil it every so often to prevent rusting that they're pretty much ready to use.

Lovely Sword

First of all these swords are generally very high quality. This sword is no exception. I love the way this looks , bot color and shape. The design of this blade looks great and has a fairly realistic look to it. I went with this with a single thin fuller as opposed to the regular version with the latin inscription for a more realistic look. This sword is quick and pretty well balanced. The only thing to note is that the grip is kinda thin but this does not bother me too much as I use a looser handshake grip. If you are considering this then I can fully recommend it

Impossibly fast delivery

My son is beyond thrilled with his purchase of this sword. The details on it are beautiful and he uses it daily for swordplay practice and sparing. It added greatly to his excitement that it was delivered impossibly fast after we ordered it. Thank you, Calimacil! We will be buying again in the future, I’m sure.

Whisper in the wood

As you traverse through the wooden Glen that last was seen your foe, you hear a faint disturbance in the wind. You glance next to you, at you're fellow guard who lies on the ground, an axe between his eyes. Looking up, you have a thought, as you hear the same sound, "Maybe I should have become a farmer and not a guard".....
I carry three of these throwing hatchets with me and find them to be excellent quality. Heavy enough to feel I'm throwing something that my oppponents feel yet light enough to cause no pain or damage.

Une œuvre d'art...

Elle est encore plus belle en réalité, parfaitement équilibrée, avec des détails historiques sur la garde inspirés de scerbiec, épée des rois de Pologne, ainsi que sur le pommeau, copié sur l'épé du grand maître de l'ordre teutonique au XIIIe siècle, cette épée est un condensé de l'art médiéval
Elle est très réaliste, très agréable en main et très résistante aussi, dès qu'elle est à ma portée, je ne peut m'empêcher de la faire siffler dans de grands moulinets, on la croirait prête à trancher un dragon en deux tant la lame semble aiguë !


This ᔕᗯOᖇᗪ is a lot more durable than it looks I highly recommend it to everyone

Geralt silver sword

Great quality weapon, well built and beautifully designed.

refurbished sword

First order with Calimacil, everything is perfect !

An absolutely fantastic prop!

It came far sooner than expected and once I unboxed it, it was difficult to tell it wasn't metal at first glance. I love its weight and attention to detail, and I can't wait to start exploring LARP groups welding it!

Amazing Hammer!

Was a birthday gift for my brother, a titan main, and he loved it! Though I'm a warlock main, I like my titan, too, and hammers are my favorite titan subclass. Now if only Calimacil would make a warlock-exclusive prop, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.


Un puissant marteau à manier à 2 mains -si si- qui réjouira le coeur d'un nain (non, pas de jardin).
Proche du Dorgen (le grand). Très proche... mais... presque unique.
Dorgen pour forger et le Troll pour baffer.


Masque rigide par rapport aux masques en latex que je connais.
Très rigide même.
Mais pour ce modèle type "crâne osseux", cela n'est pas un souci de mon point de vue.
Un peu de mousse à installer pour ne pas le coller sur la peau en pleine action même si les ajouts de protection classique ne feront pas de mal de ce côté.
Il sera parfait pour un necromancien de ma connaissance.

Une petite lame éfilée

Couteau polyvalent, petit mais avec un design des plus sympathiques.
Il sera parfait pour les GNs à venir, que ce soit pour la décoration ou avoir une arme d'apoint.

Wonderful sword

I have bought and used quite a few calamacil products the past few years and this is by far the best I’ve had the pleasure to use and purchase. It’s super light, solid, looks great, and can take some abuse as well I would recommend it to anyone looking for a weapon.

Perfect for children, not for adults!

Unfortunately my swords are already broken because of my son's uncle using them inappropriately. However they still use them regularly and love them. The foam was too soft for a standard larp weapon that an adult would use but the foam they use is absolutely perfect for children wailing on one another. They love the detail and everyone that has seen it thinks the quality is out of the world. I am not going to dock points because their uncle was dumb with their use. I just wish I was able to stop him swinging full force and abusing them. Especially since they were refurbished and I sadly can't get them replaced. :'(

A Big Sword to Impress the Wenches... Or Compensate for Something?

This is a very impressive design, not just in size but in the quality of the finish. Looks great, and it seems sturdily built. Well balanced too.


I already had an Extended Highlander but wanted a second BIG sword. The Extended Doppelsoldner was the logical choice. It handles a bit different to the Highlander, the hilt is a bit longer so it seems a fraction more manoeuvrable. I’m 191cm tall and this 182cm sword gives me REACH. It really does seem to intimidate lightly armoured opponents very well and you can often hold 2-3 of them at a safe distance, or strike unsuspecting shieldsmen in a battle line. I just love it. My next wish would be for a 182cm Montante-style sword with a really long hilt and a straight blade. 😀

Fine article,freydis

Very satisfied,everything ok

Excellent quality

Sword is very well made, its sturdy and looks amazing