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Love this Sword

I was unsure how good this would be at first, but now this is my go to weapen. I like the handle and it holds up great!!! Not only does it perform well but its is beautiful.

A beautiful Replica!

I absolutely love this sword. It makes for a fantastic rep for my character.

For those who have not played the game, the inscription is in Latin, and reads "Rex, Familia, Ultio" Which translateds to King, Family, Revenge/Vengeance.

The blade itself has a sharp edge but is still perfectly larp safe, a padded point for thrusts and is about the size most games would consider to be larger than a one handed sword, but not quite as long as a two hander. Which is why I say it fits perfectly as a bastard sword.

(Even though it should be a longsword, Fantasy has really messed up the meaning of that lol)

All in all, one of, if not the best sword in my arsenal and I cang wait to see what comes next from Calimacil!!

Super soft, super distance

The Arcane Spheres work very well with both the Gunner's Arcane Staff and thrown by hand. They are incredibly soft and squishy - I would find it hard to believe that they could injure anyone during regular use. These fly incredibly far and accurate - more so than standard packets in my experience. And even though they're soft, they will definitely be felt by the target, even through armor.

Perfect fit for a niche role

The Gunner's Arcane Staff certainly isn't your standard weapon, and isn't for everyone. However, it fills a very specific niche role that otherwise has little to no commercial options. The weapon is incredibly well made as expected for anything sold by Calimacil. The core is solid wood, amply exposed to accommodate even the largest hands. The dragon sculpt is nice and soft, adding a layer of safety in case you accidentally hit someone while using the weapon. It handles well, and can send the recommended Arcane Spheres and regular packets flying clear across a field with high accuracy after a little practice. The only complaint I would have is that the orb at the pommel end of the staff is a bit harder than I'd like, but that's incredibly minor. Definitely check in with your administrators if your game or event has strict rules/regulations regarding weapon build.

A Nice weapon

It is a Nice weapon and i love using at larp events

Amazing product

I was not disappointed at all. The sword looked and felt amazing. A purchase i do not regret.

Amazing! ^^

Superbe épée! De très belle facture!

Good sword

Holds up very well. It is one tough little sword. My only problem with the sword is that the foam in the tip of the sword is only about an inch and a half so you really feel it. But I do love this weapon, that's why I have 2 ;)

Excellent small 2H Sword

I've owned a Bellator II magnified by the Atelier Fantastic'Art for a few months, now.
This version of the sword is a bit longer (127cm), but the matter is representative of Calimacil's work.

The foam is way softer than the previous swords I tested, which makes it less painful while still feeling super resistant. Perfect.

However, I'm used to handle my bastard and 2H swords by holding them by the bottom of the handle, due to the absence of counterweight to balance the weapon, and this part of the Bellator II actually produced a cracking sound while doing it, so I'd recommand holding it by the actual handle only.

TL;DR : Nice sword, sori for bad anglish

The best Stick for the worst conditions

I bought this gorgeous Baton and I was not disappointed. First of all, its gorgeous, looks like an actual pieces of worn wood, its had decorative handles for the newb I am to know how to hold properly! I had my first Larp with it and MY GOD, there was rain, puddles, snow and ice... Terrible weather. HOWEVER thanks to my trusty staff, I kept my balance, checked for water holes, used it to prop items closer to me and as a walking stick. It and I had a rough and wonderful time and it stayed sturdy and beautiful and best of all, it requires almost no care! I did not know, but normally you need to oil these toys but not mine! So if your looking for an easy, cute and reliable first time weapon, I HIGHLY recommend it!

Really good quality.
If you are small, probably don't buy it unless you plan to where a gambeson.

Very good knife

Extremly fast shipping (from canada to Germany in under 5 days!)
And a good quality knife!

Beautiful and balanced

Simply put, this sword has become my go-to short sword for a lot of different larps where appropriate. It looks great in the belt, and swings even better in your hand, especially paired with a buckler or a larger shield.

Thank you Calimacil. Was not disappointed.

Superb Blade

Magnus handle, gold color, and diamond 8 single fuller, bastard length. How to be specific about how much I like this sword? The grip of the sword is narrow and feels great in your hand; it is good for both a two handed and single handed use. The crossguard does bend, but it is stiff enough to catch blows well. The sword is rather balanced, and looks amazing. Often as I walk past where I have my sword set, I can't resist but to pick it up and enjoy how well it feels in my hand. Its quality is perfectly up to Calimacil's standards. Also, if I should break it (or just want a better looking version) I can just buy another one via the custom builder

A fine blade for the cost-conscious

This was a great purchase. The simple design kept the cost down for my first LARPing purchase. In retrospect, I would have liked specific photos of the effect of refurbishment (which are only noticeable up close) just so I wasn't surprised. For a new player, it seems ideal and the minor difference refurbishment made gives my first sword a bit of character. I have no regrets buying this item because the 20% discount ($20) completely makes up for the minor aesthetic difference because, as a new player, I know I have many additional items to purchase in the near future. The mark is about 2/3 as long as the handle, appears on both sides almost symmetrically, and denotes a ridge about 1/32 of an inch high (about the hight of the keys on my MacBook). The attached photos are taken from <1 foot away for the close-ups and 3 feet away for the distanced one.

Amazing Sword

Bought this sword two years ago and it's still going strong. This weapon is really well done, and perfect for anyone, either new or seasoned to LARP. I have absolutely no complaints about this sword, and I highly recommend it.

Awesome hammer!!

a serious well made hammer, nice and heavy in the hand just how i like it. it really packs a punch on the battle field combined with a shield people will serious think twice. it feels good to swing this around next to the awesome replica that it is i love it, i just love it

One of the Best Swords I have

First let me say the grip on this is one of the best i have had the pleasure to use, it fits well and the detail on the hilt helps a lot. The weight is also phenomenal and swings well without feeling cumbersome. I love all the detailing on the cross guard and the pommel, it is both stylish and comfortable. Overall a great sword.

Best Calimacil Sword to Date!

This is by far the prettiest and most well crafted sword I have ever purchased from calimacil! I have always loved their work from the first days of my LARPing, but this blew me away even still. Well done Calimacil!


As always, Calimacil has made an excellent product. I recommend highly recommend it.

My Monkey Brain LUV

When I brought a hammer to a big battle everyone asked "why not a sword, it's faster and has way better maneuverability"
That is until my first BONK

Super service

J'ai été extrêmement satisfait du service ainsi que de la qualité des produits livrés. Livraison en Europe en quelques jours.

A trusty backup

I've had this dagger for over 6 years now and it's a handy and trusty little backup if things does south and you can't get your main weapon in time.
It's total lenght can become a problme if you wanna hide it inside a cloak or other clothing items.

All in all it's a soild dagger that will defend you and take the enemies lifes then needed

A Good Friend Too Have At Your Side

Its a good weapon, the only thing is that getting a scabbert is a bit hard
But it is still a good weapon

Who doesn’t love dragons

How cool are dragon eggs!?