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This Dagger is Epic.

I am surprised at the quality of this dagger. The website says it's a refurb, but you really can't tell that it is. Found nothing wrong with it. I love the detail they put into the engraved lines. If you are worried that it looks a little over the top, stop worrying. This foam blade looks very classy with any Nordic style costume!

These Arrows are Great.

I ordered these in January 2021. The foam arrows fly as straight as, well, you know (an arrow). And the foam heads were very securely attached. The contact end is nice and smooth, keeps water and mud out of the arrow head, makes it easy to clean. Nice fletching, works well. All in all, great product!

Amazing blade

Very nice design. Comfortable to wield. Got with the Valentine's day engraving, which looks fantastic as well.

Destiny Iron Battle Axe

Good length, looks great, bit less heft than I would like and I do have a bit of concern about the durability of the chain, even though I think its a cool addition. Overall, another great addition to my arsenal.

Honor's Edge

Very nice shape, handles well, good addition to the collection.

Great Product

Great product and quality.

THE Sword

I genuinely think it is the best sword i ever held in my larp life. The quality is amazing, the details (from the blade to the hilt) superb and the balance of the sword is just perfect. It is even better than pictures.
As a fan of viking mythology i can't ask of anything better.
Absolutely amazed of Calimacil improvements in the years!

This is not Just a sword, this is THE Sword.

Well Made

Good quality and craftsmanship, I should’ve ordered one size up however could be partially my fault I washed as normal clothing

Fantastic Sword

The sword arrived timely and was in great condition. it looks and feels fantastic with amazing detail. it looks almost exactly like it does in the game and is very durable. I particularly love the inscription on the blade and the etchings on the guard and pommel. My one minor complaint would be the logo next too the inscription on one side of the blade, I get that the calimacil logo needs to go one somewhere but I would have preferred it was on the pommel rather than the blade, but that's honestly a personal preference.

The Little shield that could

It is small, agile and perfect for fencers that wants a bit of protection without the cumbersome armor. It is easy to learn how to handle since it is much smaller and lighter than most other shield types thus fits more costumes or characters. I had the refurbished one and I don't regret it, the paint does look a tad more ''off'' than normal, but you have to be very close to notice it.
It comes in 2 parts : Core and Foam cover. easy to assemble.

Great sword

I purchased the refurbished sword along with two other refurbished swords for my daughters. I really like this sword. The detail is great. Looks very realistic. So far is holding up great to sparring with the kids as are the two other swords. Great products from Calimacil.

Great sword

I purchased this sword along with two others. All were the refurbished ones. This one is one of my favorites. It has a great weight and handling. Great detail in the guard and pommel. Very fun to swing around. The small defects from being the refurbished sword isn’t a big deal for me at all.


I purchased the refurbished sword and it is amazing. Outstanding detail and I couldn’t be happier. I can hardly tell that it would be the refurbished sword over the top quality one. Highly recommend.

Excellent service

Merci pour la livraison rapide. J’ai trois petits-enfants qui ont maintenant chacun leur œuf de dragons. Ils en prennent tellement soin et ils sont de bons compagnons en ces moments plus difficiles. Merci!

Sharp is Nice

The Sharp blade looks and feels really great! Quite well balanced for a foam weapon, and it feels solid and « straight » in hand.

its really fun and spooky

my uncle bought this for me for christmas and its a blast, the gold didnt come in as bold as in the picture but thats fine, because its really fun to use. I absolutely love it, i don't go anywere without weather its larp, airsoft, paintball, or a nerf war it stays by my side.

Perfect for Kaldheim

I had this dagger on my list for quite some time, but never found a proper reason to hit "Buy". Well, that proper reason came around early this year when MTG released their new viking set (Kaldheim) and Calimacil released their new Edda viking sword. The Norn dagger is a fantastic weapon for viking rogues (Vinland Saga, anybody?), and it looks perfect when held alongside the Edda. The dagger is more of a striking dagger than a parrying dagger (due to the lack of a cross-guard), and it is extremely durable. Been a fan of Calimacil for a long time & will continue to be for years to come. The Edda and the Norn are a fantastic set, and if you're thinking of cosplaying as Kaya you'll definitely want to grab a pair of Kriegers.

Perfect for Kaldheim

As a Magic player I was stoked to see this sword come out around the same time as Kaldheim (MTG's Norse/viking world). Bought one immediately (and a Norn dagger) and I couldn't be happier. The sword is weighted well and extremely sturdy. Been a fan of Calimacil for a long time & will continue to be for years to come. The Edda and the Norn are a fantastic set, and if you're thinking of cosplaying as Kaya you'll definitely want to grab a pair of Kriegers.

This sword was my introduction to Calimacil. I bought this blade 7 years ago, and it has stayed a permanent part of my dueling equipment.

I bought this blade and quickly bought a another sword and my addiction was sealed. I have since had a nephew born and he is finally old enough to hold this sword and often does as it is his favorite sword.

We are a very intense dueling family, my siblings, parents, and now both of my nephews and all that has affected this sword is the paint wearing off in certain spots.

There is no bad product calimacil makes and this is a wonderful start or addition for any collection!

Blades of Valhalla

I got two of these after being struck with a bout of nostalgia for my first foam weapon, the n-force warlock axe, and these blew every memory away.

These beautiful weapons are simple, rough, and feel amazing. No longer constricted by my childhood weakness, my inner barbarian can truly be unleashed using these devastating weapons.

Only four stars due to minor separation between the 'metal' and 'wood' foam. Four stars because that was early on and despite my high intensity use of them they remain completely sound.

Great Deal

Bought mine a few years ago and its been well worth it. Fantastic look and feel and incredibly durable. As usual with the refurb items, the few minor blemishes are easily overlooked.

A must for dragon loving kids

We have three of these in the house. My kids (5-11 years old) now have a nest of these eggs. We got one a year ago and the kids asked for more for their birthdays.

Perfect Finish

I've already talked on the maneuverability and handling of this sword and it's close brother "Traitor's Fate" being very good, but for this review I'd like to mention that the sword had no aesthetic flaws. It really came together as a beautiful package.

Very Sturdy

I got myself Traitor's Fate and my nephew Honor's Edge as his birthday/Christmas present. It's got a lively feel in the hands and I was able to teach him some Dandao techniques for sword vs spear. The sword held up great to multiple deflections and quick movements.

Very high quality

I got this sword over a year ago and it still looks beautiful. One of my favorite swords.