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A Sword For a True Warrior

I've had my Knight of Emerald II for almost two years now and I have to say, I love this weapon. While it was initially a little hard by my medium-contact LARP's standards, a couple hours drumming the blade against my training dummy (myself), the blade softened significantly. It's a little bottom heavy with its hefty pommel, it's held up well through snow, rain, mud, and countless battles. The blade has definitely taken on a few scratches, but I personally find that adds to the personality of the blade.

Refurbished norn

This dagger is absolutely beautiful I couldn't even tell that it was refurbished it came here faster than normal it's balanced wonderfully and fits in the hand like a glove I am absolutely 100% pleased with this item.

My custom viking sword

I absolutely love the sword that I customized it was perfect and almost every way if I had to have any kind of issues with it and this is nitpicking it would be that the handle was just a little bit longer but that's because of my fighting style not for what was offered. this sword is absolutely amazing it cuts through the air it's amazingly balanced and it's absolutely gorgeous.

Masterful leatherwork

Being such a fan of Geralt's Steel Sword (Which I previously reviewed), I knew I had to get the scabbard for it. I was pleasently surprised when it arrived and I saw just how fantastic the work on it truly is.

The detail work on the leather is something to behold, which pictures can't quite do justice. The fit to the Calimacil plastic end pieces is exceptional, which lends to it's perfect fit to the sword itself. The additional leather straps for detail and to attach to your belt are well made and hold their own lovely bit of leather work while being relatively unadorned. When mounted to my belt properly, the sword hung exactly where it should with little wobble.

Speaking more on the Calimacil plastic bits, the weathering adds such a wonderful touch. Little scratches and knicks add detail and age to the timeless work. I also have to speak to the fit to the sword here, being a very tight fit without scratching or tearing the foam.

I can't give it all praise however. Being a bespoke item, there are minor imperfections to be aware of, notably for mine being the back strap of leather not fitting flush to the end cap, though I hardly mind. Just something to be aware of if you order, this is a hand crafted item, so expect minor things like this.

To say I recommend this scabbard is an understatement to the highest degree. If you love the Steel Sword like I do, show it you care and get this scabbard!


Despite being a refurbished version and having a small dent in the blade (it's not very noticeable anyway) I love this sword so much. It's visually stunning and wonderfully detailed as well as being well balanced in weight, which was a nice surprise for me, being a small woman I'm used to most larp swords being too heavy or awkward, but this one is perfect in that regard of being light and comfortable to fight with.
I'm a big fan of the Witcher games and this sword did not disappoint, my only issue was not being allowed to use it at my local larp as it wasn't up to their standards on safety, due to how thin and firm the foam is, however I was assured it would be allowed at other larp places around. All in all a great buy and I'm very happy to own it :)


I purchased a refurb version as a first sword to test the company, and I must say I'm impressed. The core isn't as flexible as the video leads you to believe, and the foam has a slight reverse taper, making it thicker towards the end for more padding. The detachable hand cover got in my way, so I've been using it without it and have no problems.

Excellent quality

Already owned one of these, had to buy a second so my wife and I could resolve disputes. Highly effective, 10/10, no mortal wounds dealt and the make up romp was worth every penny.

PS. She won the sword fight. Be careful what you wish for.

Very Good!

I was very pleased with what I recieved. It is quite light, comfortable, and a wonderful choice for those interested in LARP. I ordered a refurbished weapon, but I was still impressed with the detail. I would certainly recommend this product!

Great sword

The sword is perfect for me. The right weight and size. I just can’t wait to use it.

High quality item!

Ordered the Kiefer for a LARP I participate in. Item arrived within a few days of shipping. It looks good, feels very durable, and will be an amazing addition to my kit. Very happy with this mace. Thank you!

5-star 5-year anniversary gift

Ordered this for our 5-year anniversary! It arrived within the week, in perfect condition. I wasn't sure if I should order the short or long (there are length requirements at our LARP), but the long Hersir made quite the impression on him (he loved it!), and the length is exactly right. The craftsmanship on the hilt is beautiful, and it's quite lighter than I expected. Definitely the perfect gift for our special milestone!

Ranger 2

They mixed up my order and sent me a refurbished sword when I order a new sword

Lucrezia - A new favorite

I have had my eye on this dagger since it first came out a few years back. The simple, practical, design just spoke to me and it did not disappoint. The weapon is very well balanced and feels good in the hand. I play in a game that allows thrusting and this dagger passed safety inspection without any issues.

I am so happy with my purchase. If you are interested in this dagger I recommend you get it. You will not be disappointed.


came in almost perfect condition par some nicks awesome product.

merci pour l'envoi tout à fait conforme à ce que j'avais demandé

Thirsting for aFight!

Some blemishes here and there. As long it can give a few hits. I am SET!! Was going to buy 2.

Good weapon like quality! Thx calimacil ;)

A great first buy from Calmacil

overall a really good sword. The detail and craftsmanship is amazing. Did a few rounds of combat and the sword performed to perfection. We had a few rounds even in the drizzle and the sword was not left with any marks or blemishes. There is a bit of wiggle when swinging the sword with a lot of momentum but that is to be expected with a functional LARPing sword because if it didn't it would really hurt. Believe you me I gave more than I took but I was struck in the head at near full force and speed and I neither received a concussion or even a simple bump. I bought the sword as a gift and have to admit that while unboxing it the envy washed over me, I almost didn't give it to my friend. Jokes aside, this sword is truly more than I expected and would highly recommend.

Fun to use

Good quality, good balance. Was really fun to use at my last event.

Call it a nut cracker

Its a hammer, about a little bit bigger then a real Carpenter's hammer. Light weight for good control for light or heavy hitting shots. In the Larp I play people loved it and also like the weight and the balance of the weapon.

My gambeson was great had to get a replacement sword sent though

great value for these refurbished items

so many of the refurbished items are still of excellent quality and are certainly worth it for simpler weapons that are simply used for combat in which most imperfections are imperceptible to the eye from a distance

Great quality!

I got two of the refurbished Novice II. Very happy with them! These have a nice feel in the hand, and look great. They seem quite sturdy. I will definitely be a returning customer.

Excellent blade

Bought this as a short sword for my daughter. It is well balanced and very well made and shes very happy with it.