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From Bungie’s critically acclaimed first person shooter, Destiny, our official replicas are crafted and designed from original in-game assets. Made of safe foam, they are soft enough to ensure a safe usage in mock combat, but firm enough for cosplay and prop usage.

Now you can become legend with any of these LARP-safe official replicas. Our Destiny foam replicas are highly detailed and realistic. They will provide an immersive experience in the Destiny universe.

Negative Space

See the art in what’s subtracted.

Negative Space came into service at the time of the Red War, straight from Commander Sloane’s armory at the New Pacific Arcology. This foam prop for live action role play was built to exacting standards by Calimacil with authentic details from Bungie’s source materials. Become legend with the perfect Guardian accessory.

Honor's Edge

Good leadership requires discernment: the art of finely dividing one subtle thing from another. – Executor Hideo

Executor Hideo awarded Guardians who earned renown with New Monarchy with the Legendary sword, Honor’s Edge. Gracious in their victory at a Faction Rally, New Monarchy then offered the sword to all Guardians, but for a price.

Kingdom come: Deliverance official foam LARP replica Bailiff's mace

Iron Battle Axe

As Saladin's axe bites, again and again, Skorri's Iron Song haunts him. He calls upon Radegast's strength. Perun's sence of purpose. Timur's questions. Felwinter's cynicism. Silimar's persistence. Gheleon's reasoning. Jolder's smile.

A relic from the days of the Iron Lords, the Iron Battle Axe is a symbol of the Iron Lords' unity and strength.


My smile is full of blades.

Veist may cater to all Guardians, but when Hunters needed a blade specifically suited to the swift and the nimble, they knew who to call—and Veist delivered, creating the incomparable Quickfang.

Arc Staff

Flow like lightning. Strike like thunder.

Surviving the destruction of the Last City, the Hunter reconnects with the Light in the depths of the EDZ and summons the Arc Staff. Authentically detailed from Bungie’s source materials, you can become legend with this prop built to exacting standards by Calimacil for live action role play. The Arc Staff is a perfect Hunter accessory.

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Traitor's Fate

Let the Emperor’s gratitude end your foes as swiftly as you have ended his.

The Traitor’s Fate legendary sword was a gift to the Hero of the Red War from a Cabal Emperor grateful to hear of Ghaul's demise.


Our enemies think themselves gods and kings. Show them the error of their ways. – Callisto Yin

Crown-Splitter is a legendary sword forged specifically for Titans who face challenges head-on and serve as blunt-force instruments of the Traveler’s will—now with a deadly edge.

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Kingdom come: Deliverance official foam LARP replica Bailiff's mace

Hammer of Sol

Forge the fury of undying suns.

Made of safe foam, the Hammer of Sol is steel-coloured. The diamond shapes on the handle give a firm grip, making it possible to use the hammer in close quarter as well as throwing it with precision.

Hunter Knife

Our old worlds have grown feral - rabid beasts with teeth of rust and ruin. But such beasts are meant to be tamed. Or broken.

A symbol of those who survived outside the protective walls of the city, this knife is a Hunter’s most reliable defense.

Kingdom come: Deliverance official foam LARP replica Bailiff's mace