Welcome to Black Dragon Month at Calimacil!

November is Calimacil's most important month! In addition to hosting our famous CaliCON, it marks the return of our Black Dragon! Get ready to save like no other on tons of products like weapons, armor and much more! New promotions will appear every week, so keep your eyes peeled to make sure you don't miss out! Join us for a unique November and enhance your LARP and cosplay experience with Calimacil!

Incredible Discounts!

The Black Dragon has awakened! His return brings a wind of surprises and promotions on Calimacil inventory! Take advantage of this unique month to stock up on equipment and take your LARP experience to the next level! Whether you're looking for armor to dive into the heart of the battlefield, a new weapon to terrify your opponents or clothing to give your character depth, don't miss these unique opportunities offered by the black dragon!

Take Advantage Of Our Exceptional Offers

Black Dragon Fan Fiction Contest

It's Black Dragon Month at Calimacil, we invite you to channel your creativity and craft an intriguing origin story for our iconic Black Dragon. In 300 to 600 words, delve into a world of ancient magic and eerie wonders, revealing how this legendary creature came to be.

Tell us the story of a generous lord with a tragic destiny, or the strange and inexplicable events that have been happening every November for thousands of years? The possibilities are endless!

Capture the essence of the Black Dragon and enrich its background with your own creativity! The winning story will not only receive an exclusive prize, but will also be published on our website, immortalizing your contribution to the Calimacil universe.

Dust off your feathers, ignite your creative spirit and immerse yourself in the mystique of the Black Dragon. Submissions are open until November 30. Don't miss your chance to participate bringing to life the Black Dragon, one of the iconic dragons of the Calimacil universe

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