Calimacil presents Diratia Productions

You may have heard this name before, although it has mostly been brought up in passing up until now. However, they are most certainly not just passing through; we couldn't let such a dynamic and creative local company breeze by us without building a strong connection. Read on to get to know them...

Who are Diratia Productions?

In their own words, they are a Montreal-based creative company with a primary focus on creative projects. They are behind the short film being made that led to the Imperious sword being made at our workshop. All of the members of their team are passionate about film and fantasy so it’s no surprise that once we got to know them a little, we turned to them for the technical challenges of making our CaliCON 2021 live online for the first time!

The full filmmaking package

Although they are a small team, Diratia Productions have the expertise needed to cover almost every aspect of making a film. From the drawing board all the way to music composition, they’ve got you covered! Check out their YouTube channel to see projects and series they have made.

Beyond cinematography

More than just a film production company, the Diratia team have also put their energy into creating products for tabletop gaming. They have designed an array of miniatures that can be 3D printed and which can be used for multiple time periods as well as fantasy and sci-fi settings. They have also built a system of rules aiming to simplify the process of tabletop battles!

Filming & Creativity

Interested in knowing more about Diratia Productions? Take a look at their website to discover past projects and current endeavors and to meet the team.  

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Roman warfare and sci-fi mechs are just some examples of what you will find in Diratia Productions' 3D files shop. Plus, they regularly add more!

Diratia miniatures
Original Battle for Diratia cover art

A wargame/RPG hybrid

With 2 game masters in their midst, it will surprise no one that the Diratia team is delightfully geeky. When it was discovered that both GMs were unsatisfied with the systems and rulebooks they had to choose from, a new project was born!

Battle for Diratia is a rulebook that aims to help players suspend their disbelief through combat systems built to mimic reality without weighing down the gameplay. Using either d6 or proprietary die, it can accommodate duels and small skirmishes all the way to 1000-strong armies battling and include formation rules as well as a morale feature that comes into play at the end of each combat turn. 

Original Battle for Diratia art
Original Battle for Diratia art

Although the combat rules are predominant, Battle for Diratia is a hybrid that bridges the gap between wargaming and role-playing games (RPG). It allows for characters to be customized without class parameters and includes extremely useful tools such as NPC generator tables that aid to simplify creation, a random event generator and a high-resolution map. On top of that, scenario modules are available on their website that, as of the publication of this post, are free to download for anyone wanting to try out the BfD system!

Where we come in

Remember those proprietary dice we mentioned earlier? Up until now, they could only be obtained by privately 3D printing them. However, as of today, they are officially available for purchase on the Calimacil website! And to make this news even better, a digital copy of the rulebook can be downloaded for each purchase of a dice set!

Battle for Diratia
Battle for Diratia
Battle for Diratia
Battle for Diratia
Battle for Diratia
Battle for Diratia

Battle for Diratia


Meet Diratia Productions