Odo II

the Monk's Retribution

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Title: Master



The vow of peace is the pride of our religious order. Behind our tall walls, deep within the city, far from those hordes of monstrous creatures, this is rarely a problem for the majority of our brothers. However, I’m the messenger, and thus am required to travel far from home, to lands quite less peaceful and more dangerous. I must be armed. It took months to convince Father Gregory to let me go with more than a simple walking stick. The sacred texts told that we could not draw blood. That’s why the bludgeoning mace was the weapon of choice. It was enough to deter thieves and some malevolent creatures, but the most important aspect is that it let me stay alive and I was able to keep my place in Heaven.


This mace is the requested new version of the black Odo. The same length as the original one (81 cm), this version proudly shows new colours: the head is of used steel while the handle is brown for an unrivaled realism. Always made from the very safe Calimacil foam, this weapon will stay safe for years or battle and use.


This weapon is perfectly adapted to the clergy who made a solemn vow not to draw blood. However, it is also great for everyone who has a less noble heart and for those that do not wish or have the capacity to use swords, like bloodthirsty brutes, dumb trolls and highwaymen. After all, no need for strenuous training: you only need to lift high and strike hard.

Weight (g): 435
Total Length (cm): 81
Staff Length (cm): 67
Head width (cm): 9
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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