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We embrace uniqueness, forge our own paths, and value human connections.


Embrace challenges for collective growth. Evolve and progress together as a strong, united team.


Our relentless pursuit is to lead the global LARP and immersive gaming industry with unparalleled dedication to crafting, producing, and delivering premium-quality items. We are passionate about transforming the gaming experience, and our mission is underpinned by a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Through a diverse range of meticulously designed products, we aim to empower LARP enthusiasts worldwide to embrace their imaginations, embark on captivating adventures, and immerse themselves in extraordinary worlds. We envision a future where the magic of LARPing knows no bounds, and every participant finds themselves transported to realms of wonder and excitement.


The first Calimacil sword was made of latex and featured a battery, two LEDs that illuminated the blade. After 6 months of manufacturing latex weapons, we took a molding course at GYF Plastics. Eight more months of experimentation were needed to put a first safe weapon on the market. It was at this precise moment in May 2004 that the 3rd generation of LARP weapons appeared. (Boffer, Latex, all urethane casting). Feel the Legend! Calimacil first to realize a LARP weapon which offers esthetics, safety and a feeling of realism.


Calimacil "bright sword" evokes the "smart" side of carrying out our projects and our products intended to make our fans dream. We sell dreams, we deliver quality products. We materialize the fantastic universe of selected partners in a collection of safe products for role-playing games and sports fights. We develop products according to our DNA. Our focus is on the added value of each product.


Our vision is to do DIFFERENTLY, with the claim to do BETTER: either more sustainable, more innovative, more inspiring. But not cheaper, not faster, not in large quantities, but customizable. We manufacture modular so that each component can be reused in another product so as to multiply the offer by combining the components produced.


Micael Kreitmann


Patrick Lessard

Founder, CEO

Samuel Tremblay-Vézina

Sales & Marketing Director

Julie Hébert

HR Manager

Sales, Marketing & Logistics

Linda Vadnais

Photograph & B2B Sales Representative

Thomas Beauchamp-Lefebvre

Illustrator & B2B Sales Representative

Kevin Potvin

Customer Service Agent

Brice Jourdain

Social Media Coordinator

François Hébert

Logistic Clerk

Pascal Giguère

Logistic Coordinator

Development and R&D

William Charest-Bernard

Mold Maker & Tech Genius

Pierre-Alexandre Dussault

IT Technician


Joel Gossellin-Alain

Finition Artist & Team Leader

Jessy Cléroux-Bergeron

Finition Artist

Mary-Pier Desmarais

Finition Artist

Emily Langevin

Finition Artist

Sonia Phaneuf

Deburring Specialist

Samuel ???

Deburring Specialist

Francis Joyal

Assembly Specialist


Martin Brown

Master Molder

Julie Dorval

Master Molder

Jonathan Dussault


Noé Roy


Jean-Frédéric Frappier


Benoît Perrault

Intramold Painter

Shawn Phaneuf

Intramold Painter

External Collaborators

Luc Bilodeau

3D Designer

Tommy Perrault

3D Designer

Francis Aubert

Shopify Specialist

François Bélanger