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Woodsman Axe

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Everybody here keeps talking about ruins, zombies and mutants. This is getting depressing. It seems my mates are unable to see this second chance life has given us. The excision of this cancer we once called civilisation has only started giving tangible results: Nature once again starts being pure and vivifying. It is there for the picking! No, I’m obviously not an ecologist, I’m a lumberjack! I travel through the pristine forests surrounding our camps and “harvest” the best trees. Of course, my brothers and I have first pick of the best wood we bring back. After all, we do all the work and face the dangers of the forest. Our axes are as useful chopping down oak trees as they are cutting off the heads of mutants. You’ll never see us without them.


Once again, Calimacil outdoes itself with the latest release of its phenomenal post-apocalyptic line. This woodsman axe shines by its sheer simplicity of design that lends it an aura of authenticity that makes one of the must haves of the Zombicalypse collection. This axe possesses a fibreglass rod as its core to provide it with the required rigidity for combat maneuvers. Its head is fashioned in a high-density material to grant the weapon the required balance for proper use. In spite of its realistic appearance, no one runs any risks of losing body parts; rest assured that you can use it safely.

Weight (g): 410
Total Length (cm): 86
Staff Length (cm): 77
Head width (cm): 22
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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