Wood Trophy Mask – Calimacil
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Wood Trophy Mask

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You’ve lived many generations in the forest as the tree’s protector and guardian, and your greatest challenge is upon you. Mortals have entered the forest seeking to claim the land as their own.

As you approach their camp, hiding in the leaves and branches of the canopy above, you listen as they speak of destruction. They plan to burn and to cut your precious trees in order to make room for crops and houses. But if you have anything to say on the matter, these mortals will not live until tomorrow.


Epic Armoury’s Wood Trophy Mask is a latex face mask designed to look like the wooden face of a druid or wood nymph. Made from 100% natural latex, this mask covers the whole face with roomy holes around the eyes, nostrils, and mouth for comfort.

The face itself is wide with detailed, wood-textured features. A beard and sharp nose and cheekbones are sculpted and painted onto the mask’s face. The complexion is a dark greenish brown, like from the bark of an ancient tree.

Secure the mask to your face using the adjustable elastic. Customize the mask’s appearance with Epic Effects Water-Based Makeup.


  • Similar in use to the historical practice of human trophy collecting
  • Inspired by druidic lore and mythological wood nymph creatures


  • Thick 100% natural high-quality latex skin
  • Beautiful attention to detail, with clear and fine lines
  • Excellent fit to the face, since the prosthetics are modeled on real people
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Meant to be reused multiple times while maintaining its appearance

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