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The spear is one of the most used weapon of all times. Everything started with a pointy stick, sharpened to help in the hunt. With metallurgy came smaller points, more durable and efficient. The advantage it procured in war was soon sought after, and entire battalions of pikemen were trained, deadlier every time.

All of the spear’s history, all those thrusts and trials converged into the foundations of our company: the 23rd Elven Correctional Brigade. Elite soldiers, we seek to ensure the Regent’s protection and to keep the peace in the city. Never our arms fail, and always will our spears fight for our kingdom.

Calimacil is proud to present you our new line of 9-foot Spears which includes three Spear Head Models, seven NBR Foam Sleeve Color options, one Spear Pommel and two Fiberglass Spear Pole options; Standard and Bicolline. The Standard Pole length measures 240 cm for a total spear length of 284 cm. The optional Bicolline Spear pole measures 10 cm less for a mandatory Bicolline max length of 274 cm and includes the mandatory 50 cm grip position red marker as well. All spears are sold in parts that you can easily assemble and customize at home.

*Note: The third Spear Head model (model C) is not accepted in Bicolline.


Step One: the Pommel

On five inch of the shaft’s end, make five loop of the provided double face tape before inserting the pommel all the way in. If it is too difficult to insert the pommel right away, rub the tape with rubbing alcohol and try inserting the pommel again. Wait 12h before use for full strength.

Step two: Insertion of the NBR Foam tube on the FRP Shaft
Use a mix of dish soap and warm water to help the foam tube slide on the shaft. Slide the NBR Foam tube on the FRP Shaft. The soapy water will evaporate on its own under 24h.

Step three: Placement of the Spear head.

Slide on the metal ring first, and then insert the Head’s hollow plastic shaft on the notched edge of the FRP Shaft. The metal ring should cinch the FRP Shaft on the Head’s hollow plastic shaft. If the assembly looks too loose, you can pinch one of the edge of the ring with pliers to make it tighter.

Dimensions and Weight
Model A
Weight (g): 480-520
Total Length (cm): 40
Tip diameter (cm): 6
Material: PVC, Calimacil Foam, Calimacil Hard urethane blend

Model B
Weight (g): 450-480
Total Length (cm): 40
Tip diameter (cm): 5
Material: PVC, Calimacil Foam, Calimacil Hard urethane blend

Model C
Weight (g): 460-480
Total Length (cm): 40
Tip diameter (cm): 4
Material: PVC, Calimacil Foam, Calimacil Hard urethane blend

Foam Sleeves
Weight (g): 130
Total Length (cm): 91
External diameter (mm): 45
Internal diameter (mm): 28
Material: NBR Foam

Spear Pole
Weight (g): 780
Total Length, standard (cm): 240
Total Length for Bicolline (cm): 230
External diameter (mm): 32
Internal diameter (mm): 28
Material: FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)

Spear Pommel
Weight (g): 100
Total Length (cm): 16
Internal diameter (mm): 32
Material: Calimacil Foam, Polyester ribbon


Customer Reviews

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Big, heavy, effective - Bico approved

Got the spear not too long after ordering it. Assembly was simple enough following the guide but yoy WILL need some pliers to tighten the head onto the pole with the metal ring, too dangerous for it to fall off otherwise if you use it at combat-heavy events. I personally got the Bicolline version that's a bit shorter and can confirm it passes homologation.

As for the spear itself. It's just a bit shorter than the other competitors and is MUCH heavier, although, I do not necessarily think that is a con if it fits your fighting style. I personally like the fact that you can easily toss aside enemy spears that are lighter and will probably go through the gaps of a shield wall using this and a certain level of strength. It does take a lot of stamina to swing around for extended periods of time, so beware.

Other than that, the wooden pole is very nice looking as well as the spear head. I do wish the pommel was smaller as its practically impossible to keep a firm grip on the larger end to rotate your wrist around it.

As a whole, I definetly would recommend this spear if you're looking for a weapon to overpower your foes with reach and brute force, while abandonning some mobility and speed.

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