Jack, The Sledge Hammer - Calimacil LARP Zombie


the Sledge Hammer

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When you’re surrounded by enemies in the middle of nowhere, you realize that all that iron you pumped was not such a waste of time. Sometimes, it just doesn’t help to be the smartest or the fastest when there’re just so many zombies that try to eat your brains, and heaven knows I don’t have too much of that. Sometimes, all it takes is raw strength… And a huge sledgehammer to crush all those trying to get to you. Jack and I (that’s the pet name I give my hammer), we ain’t afraid of nothin’!


Another great iconic piece from the Zombicalypse collection, this weapon is an amazingly accurate reproduction of a large sledgehammer. Its massive head has a very realistic metallic finish. One of this sledgehammer’s most defining features is it’s high density foam built that confers it a most satisfying balance while remaining completely safe for its wielders...and those unlucky enough to find themselves in its inexorable path,

Weight (g): 400
Total Length (cm): 84
Staff Length (cm): 77
Head width (cm): 17
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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Jack the Sledge Hammer

love it love the look the feel love i can bash with butt-end of this hammer

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