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Nilveth - Refurbished

the Livid Dusk

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Color: Violet
Size: Violet

About Refurbished Items: A weapon is declared refurbished when, following a standard inspection by Calimacil, it does not reach the expected esthetical level. A refurbished weapon will have the same security level as a standard Calimacil weapon but may have some lower quality result on painting, forms or other. This type of weapon is covered by a one year warranty on manufacturing defects that can result in the weapon breaking or being unsafe. It will however not cover the visual aspect of the product like the warranty on our regular items.


In the subterranean maze that was the kingdom of shadows, the days were only a long twilight. It must have been several days since she started tracking down her prey, on the lookout, prepared for the worst. Here, the hunter could be the hunted without even knowing it. The enemy had infiltrated the Ungoll territory and it had to be eliminated before it became a threat. With her two short swords in hand, she would hit first. May the best win!


The short version of this sword is balanced directly at the guard and can be handled without any difficulty. Always made of safe Calimacil foam, this sword will give you years of good use thanks to its unrivalled durability. The shapes are reminiscent of a scorpion and the surfaces are inspired by insect shells. It is available in the four distinct colors of the Ungoll collection, offering you an unprecedented variety of choices.


Perfect as a primary weapon for a ranger or assassin, it can also be used as a secondary weapon for a warrior or archer. From the simple Drow to the indomitable hunter, all will enjoy the handling of this weapon.

Weight (g): Short: 425; Long: 500; Bastard: 560,
Total Length (cm): Short: 88; Long: 101; Bastard: 113
Blade Length (cm): Short: 56; Long: 71; Bastard: 84
Blade Tickness (cm): 2.5
Handle length (cm): 33
Material: Calimacil Foam

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
The perfect sword

This is what I expect of a refurbished sword from Calimacil; virtually undistinguishable from New.

That being said, even without that boon, it's perfectly balanced and easy to weild. These sword sets are arguably my favorite swords calimacil has produced because of their reach, design, and light weight.

Petite arme pratique et facile à utiliser

La qualité est merveilleuse malgré plusieurs bulles sur l'épée et les dagues mais je les adores elles sont faciles à manier et très discrètes .

Good looking and well made

It looks good and is very fun to use. Some might not like that there is no trusting tip, but this sword type works better with cuts anyways. The fact that mine is refurbished does not make it less good looking, it just looks like it took some dammage in battle. This sword lacks a guard, so it is better suited for agile fighters, it won't be your taste if you like to fight very defensive. If you are more of an offensive fighter, this sword will works very well for you.

Cool and easy to fight with...the long black/red one!

A well balanced weapon, moves smoothly. Wish it had a thrusting tip...but no complaints!

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