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Holbein Dagger

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The Squire Collection : Safe, Durable and Realistic. The products of the Squire Collection make no compromise on the essential characteristics of a Calimacil Foam Weapon. You want to start larping? You have a friend that needs a quality foam weapon? The Squire Collection offers an affordable option for any situation. Their simple design makes them perfect for beginners and veterans alike.


A young courier received a dagger to deliver one day to a german artist. When he took the road, little did he knew that destiny had other plans for him. A serie of events led him from one end of Europe to the other, keeping him from delivering the parcel to its owner. On his adventures, only the dagger and sheer luck kept him alive. One adventure led to another and soon he forgot his life as a courier. As the years passed by, the dagger became his. Once he reached the end of his life, the old adventurer became regretful that he was unable to accomplish his last delivery. He named his dagger Holbein in honor to its rightful owner and gave it to his oldest son so he can make the trip to finally deliver the weapon. To this day, Holbein was never given back to its owner but all the couriers who held the dagger were dragged into crazy adventures ...


This Calimacil foam dagger is molded in one piece and sealed over a fiberglass core. Made in a sturdy and symmetrical design, this aesthetically pleasing dagger appears handcrafted and of German origin. This basic utilitarian foam dagger could work in multiple LARP settings including medieval fantasy, historical, post-apocalyptic, modern, or steampunk.


Holbein is a perfect secondary weapon for all adventurer types or even noble characters. Noble can also be used by a Steampunk character as well.

Weight (g): 160
Total Length (cm): 46
Blade Length (cm): 29
Handle length (cm): 17
Grip length (cm): 11
Cross guard width (cm): 7
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Customer Reviews

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Elle ne m'a jamais laissée tomber

Cette dague m'a suivi littéralement partout. C'est une lame qui est si solide qu'elle peut servir sans trop d'efforts à parer les coups des ennemis même s'ils le font avec des épées plus massives. Elle est robuste, simple et en tant qu'assassin, j'ai beaucoup apprécié la facilité avec laquelle on peut la porter autant à l'endroit qu'à l'envers. Un must si vous cherchez une dague versatile et qui restera à vos côtés pour les années à venir!!

A trusty backup

I've had this dagger for over 6 years now and it's a handy and trusty little backup if things does south and you can't get your main weapon in time.
It's total lenght can become a problme if you wanna hide it inside a cloak or other clothing items.

All in all it's a soild dagger that will defend you and take the enemies lifes then needed

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