Gladius II, Gladius of Pompeii - Calimacil LARP Sword


gladius of Pompeii

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The Gladius, Latin for sword, was used by the Romans between the 4th Century B.C. and the 2nd Century of the current era. Its length was traditionally between 64cm and 81cm and was decorated with either the Imperial Eagle or with the images of Romulus and Remus (who were nursed by a she-wolf according the Roman legend of the foundation of Rome). Several examples of Gladius swords were found in the town of Pompeii which was destroyed by a volcanic eruption that also preserved the forms of Pompeiians and their weapons. This well-balanced sword bears the Roman wolf symbol upon it with silver, black, and bronze coloring. Reinforced with a fiberglass core, this foam weapon is safe for LARP combat and ideal for imperial soldier characters, guards, and mercenaries.

Weight (g): 350
Total Length (cm): 75
Blade Length (cm): 55
Handle length (cm): 20
Grip length (cm): 9
Cross guard width (cm): 9
Material: fiberglass, , Calimacil Foam

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