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Friar Tuck

the Brown Bottle

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Friar Tuck is a particular monk. His motivation to embrace the cassock were, let’s say, unorthodox. He did not really care about prayer or religion. What he truly cared about was beer. Yes, Tuck has an indulgence for this beverage. It is well known, monasteries have been extraodinary brewers for decades. Thus Tuck became part of Fountains Abbey and learned to brew great beer. A few years later, he was kicked out of the abbey when they found out his real motivation. Friar Tuck wandered for a while and then encountered an outlaw band who made him famous!


This is the first foam bottle made by Calimacil. It can’t be opened nor does its cork can be taken off. There is no core inside which means that it can be thrown safely. This brown bottle doesn’t have a label, it’s up to you to create what’s in it.


Innkeeper, here’s another bottle to add to your collection. Mercenary and outlaws, here’s your new favorite thing in the world (after your sword). There is nothing better than a good bottle of unknown beverage to keep you up while standing watch.

Weight (g): 175
Total Length (cm): 30
Material: None, Calimacil Foam

Customer Reviews

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Nice little accessory

The bottle looks great and is also really entertaining when you use it to throw or hit. The only point of disagreement with my wife is whether it is a wine or beer bottle.

Perfect for my son

It was on his wish list, I bought it, he’ll love it

Forever bottle

I bought one of these bottles when it first hit the market. Coreless and perfect for throwing at most games it is just an awesome weapon. It makes a great hidden weapon as people dont expect to get hit with a bottle. weapon. Its durable, affirdable. And all around excellent.

A toast to Calimacil!

Brilliant reproduction of a classic wine bottle, throws great bludgeons even better...going to order a broken bottle to match now!

Loads of fun

Love it! my only gripe is that, I knew they said there would be "no core" inside..but they did not say that it ment there is a giant hole on the inside it was cut out. Other than that its good.

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