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Rise of the Flame

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The dragons always were our allies, our guides. They taught us science, magic and philosophy. Each citizen wears a sword which will forever remind him of the fundamental relationship between our people. It is thanks to them, and to our swords, that we were able to become what we are today : powerful and wise. Our expansion was slow, but steady. We were only a handful, holed up in a small village, but in no time we were building castles, a magic academy and schools of higher knowledge. New cities were founded when our numbers grew too great for our walls, but each shared the values we held dear. In order to distinguish the origin of people around us, we started to alter small details on the swords of some cities. That's how, from a small village, we created the empire of Dragons.


This new version of the Dragonet sword has an all-new steel colour, orange and green pommel and a black handle. Every feature of the Calisoft swords are here : safe, almost indestructible blade and incredible realism. This sword will be part of every adventure without risk of failure or injury.


Made for smaller hands, this sword is ready to face any situation our imagination can bring. Should your child go save damsels in distress or walk the countryside, the Dragonet II is fit for the part. Also, noblemen and women of any age will appreciate its prestigious design which adds to any costume.

Weight (g): 230
Total Length (cm): 69
Blade Length (cm): 49
Blade Tickness (cm): 2.5
Blade color: Steel
Blade Type: Calisoft Fantastic
Handle length (cm): 22
Grip length (cm): 8
Cross guard width (cm): 19
Material: fiberglass, Calisoft

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