Darius, Forger of Legacy - Calimacil LARP Hammer


Forger of Legacy

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During the Veon War, no name was as feared as the name of Darius of Veonidar, and no sound inspired more fright than the sound of his hammer crashing through his enemies’ armour. Forged by magic and the greatest blacksmiths for his grand-father, the King of Veonidar, the hammer had to wait twenty years, sleeping, before a worthy bearer appeared. In Darius’ hands, the hammer became the death of many enemies and countless orcs, leading him to victory during many great battles. When death came for Darius, it was decided that the hammer would rest with him. But some say that it was never put to rest with its master. Others talk about a hammer’ crushing bones far, far up north…


Darius’ hammer is made of Calimacil foam and is ideal for LARP battles. This LARP warhammer is soft enough to be perfectly safe and it combines a creative design with the brutal strength of a hammer. It is one of the longest Calimacil weapon, and its long range will give you the advantage in a battle, allowing you to always fight your opponent with a head-start. Special thanks to Morgan Schroeder who suggested this great name on our Facebook Page.


This realistic hammer will make an impression in any historical re-enactments, as well as in a fantasy universe. The elegant yet deadly design is perfect for a great number of battle-oriented characters, whether they swore to protect the light or chose to walk the path of darkness. Priests, paladins and champions of the light will destroy skeletons and other abominations, while warriors of the night and fanatics will break their enemies’ last stand against evil.

Weight (g): 560
Total Length (cm): 142
Grip length (cm): 32
Staff Length (cm): 124
Head width (cm): 21
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam , Plastic

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