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Conqueror Bracers

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Over the years, he had been known as the first in battle, the bravest of warriors, the most dignified of commanders, and eventually the most visionary of conquerors, Erogor of Ossam. Under his blade, dozens of monarchs laid arms, knelled, or lost their lives to pride. He had conquered half of the continent, on which he reigned efficiently, bringing prosperity and security to his empire's many people. In every combat over these years, he a companion. It had followed him, aiding every victory, protecting Erogor agains't countless vengeful blades and vicious arrows. In his young years, it had been essential, and never had he thought about getting another one. His armor was his most loyal comrade. But now he was getting old, and the fire that burned within him was kept down by his aging body. However, the conquest of the world would not end with him. Having no heir to take his place, Erogor offered his armor to the most valorous warrior of the kingdom to give him the aid of this extraordinary item. This chosen one would then continue the quest started by the old conqueror; putting down the old aristocracy of the past to make the empire flourish and grow as its new emperor. 


 Combining steel and leather, these impressive fantasy bracers are a sturdy piece worthy of any warrior in LARP. Imposing yet more mobile than full plate, this is the perfect armor piece for fighters, soldiers, warlords, mercenaries, and warmongers on the battlefields. 


  • 1 mm / 18 ga Stainless Steel
  • Thick Black or Brown Leather 9-10 oz / 4 mm
  • Nickel or Antique plated rivets and eyelets
  • Leather laces


  • Sold by pair
  • Articulated 
  • Closed by leather laces

Handmade in Quebec, Canada by Les Artisans d'Azure

Customer Reviews

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Top notch braces.

Awesome bracers. They fit great, and looks great with the rest of the armor set. I'm going to add a picture from my larp.


Les miens sont arrivés avec un défaut, le métal dans le bracer avait été bcp trop plié de sorte que je n'arrivait pas à passer le bras dedans correctement. Et comme ce n'était pas la première fois que j'avais un problème avec un produit des Artisans d'azure j'ai demandé à être remboursé.
Et c'est ce qui à été fait dans un délai raisonnable. L'équipe de Calimacil à très rapidement répondu à mes demandes.
Excellent service à la clientèle (particulièrement Chrystine merci.)

Je recommande sans hésiter de faire affaire avec Calimacil, mais pas les artisans d'Azure...

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