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The quadri-axe

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The legend tells about a long forgotten era, when two Orc tribes battled for the control of a foul swamp. Wishing to have the edge in battle, they longed for better, more terrifying weapons. Each clan used all they had in terms of ingenuity to come up with the ultimate weapon. In a genius glimpse of madness, the crow clan’s sage took the greatest axe from the greatest warrior, and the biggest axe from the biggest warrior, and in a clash brought them together. The result sent shivers down the chief’s back: an axe with a two-bladed head on each side, for a total of four. The only Orc able to count to this high number had the privilege of wielding it in battle.


This double axe is two times as deadly for your opponent while remaining safe, as each head is made of our Calimacil foam, and will stay this way for years. Steel-coloured, the heads are adorned with many bronze and silver details and are mounted to our wood-textured staff. Finally, a leather-like handles gives you a good grip… and a terrifying realism!


Will you be the warrior who counts to four? There are many adventurers who long for a weapon of this greatness: barbarians, bloodthirsty monsters and infernal creatures. Destined to be used by the most intelligent of the Orcs, nothing stops you from taking it from his hands after a fair duel… or a wicked ruse.

Weight (g): 1400
Total Length (cm): 162
Head width (cm): 37
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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