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Chainmail - Long Sleeves - Black

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A Chain Mail is a steel-armour made from small rings linked together to form a flexible steel-shirt called a mail. The mail covers the body from the shoulder to the waist and has long sleeves protecting the arms to the wrists. The chain mail is 4-in-1 with each ring interlocking with four other rings. The rings are buffered except at the armpits where the rings are riveted to cope with additional stress. The mail is gun-blued to protect the rings from rust. Chain mail is tough but flexible and is usually worn with padding to prevent bruising and take the blunt off slashing and bludgeoning strikes. Mail is amongst the oldest armours in the world but is still used in modern day protective technologies. It was introduced in the 4th century BCE - around the famous battle between the Greeks and Persians at Thermopylae and will go well with almost any character in any epoch though chain mail was particularly popular in the early medieval-, dark age- and Roman periods. The long sleeve mail is great for heavy medieval infantry like men-at-arms and sergeants or of course for early knights.


  • Made from x mm mild steel
  • Riveted rings used around arms for improved durability
  • Rust-resistant gun-blued steel

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