Celtic Dress - Brown – Calimacil
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Celtic Dress - Brown

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The Romans control the British Isles--and your home. What was once your tribe has been taken from you in the name of the Emperor, but you will not be silenced.

You look the part of a Queen in your Celtic Dress as you meet with your warriors in secret. You are plotting a revolt against your oppressors, the spark that will ignite the fire and the war that is sure to follow. You will not stand down. You are prepared to do everything it takes to win back what is rightfully yours.


Epic Armoury’s Celtic Dress is a sleeveless overdress with a scoop neckline and large window armholes. Designed to be pulled on top of an inner slip such as a Peasant Dress or Basic Dress, the Celtic Dress adds layering to the costume while still allowing you to show-off your entire costume. Made from comfortable brown and beige twill, and embellished with an embroidered trim and a distressed bottom hem, this dress is designed to be both comfortable and impressive.

The Celtic dress is designed with plenty of room and loose fabric, allowing the ability to redesign and improve if you want to let out your inner artist. Though Celtic in pattern, the cut is universal and will fit into most medieval settings.

Available in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.


  • Sideless surcoats were popular women’s fashion during the 14th- and 15th centuries
  • Eventually became considered a ceremonial garment
  • The Church found the fashion scandalous, calling the sleeve holes “Gates to Hell”


  • Affordable, personalized costume interchangeable with all other Epic Armoury gear
  • Made from 78% Wool, 12% Polyester, 8% Nylon, 2% Other
  • Made from fabrics manufactured locally
  • Handmade by qualified professional. Measurements are approximations and may vary.

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