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Barbarian Helm

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Sigurt son of Grulmar adjusted one last time the straps of his armor, the sound of the drums resonating around him inside the tent. After a long moment, the music stopped, a heavy silence overwhelming the scene. Then, the tent opened, revealing the shaman at the entrance. It was time. Grabbing his axe, Sigurt went out to face his opponent. His father's reign on the tribe was about to end.

This leather helmet, designed for LARPing, with a barbarous look, adds a lot of presence to its wearer. The orientation of the Calimacil injected foam horns is adjustable.

Thick black or brown leather 9-10oz
Flexible leather 5-6 oz
Genuine cowhide (Color may vary)

A strap goes under the chin to keep the helmet in battle.
One size: 23-25 ​​inches head circumference

Handmade in Quebec, Canada by Les Artisans d'Azure

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