Artifact 6 - Endless-Winter – Calimacil

Artifact 6 - Endless-Winter

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Artifact 6 - Endless-Winter


Come here child, and sit by the fire. I will tell you a story of our people. Every year, at the peak of the winter's cold, the ancients of the Northern Elvish tribe send every youngs that came of age into the tundra for a month, to learn to fend for themselves and the value of community. They would come back wiser and craftier, and be considered like adults. That is, when everything goes as planned. According to the story, a long time ago, one of the young boys sent never came back. That, alone, is not surprising as many youngs do not make it, but as it says, this one stayed in the tundra of his own volition. He liked the solitude. He became friend with the wild beasts, so they wouldn't bother him. The craziest version of this legend says that he was even able to manipulate ice with his will, and used to defend himself with a long, double-bladed sword staff, which looked as if made of ice and moonlight. They would call it Endless-Winter. Even though this man is now long dead, the story says that every elvish generation, a young elf deemed worthy by the winter spirit will find Endless-Winter during his roaming of the tundra, and become the new hero of the tribe. Do you believe it could be you this time?


This is a unique item, meaning that there is only one in existence, and it will never be made again. So don't wait!

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