Artifact 5 - The Dryad – Calimacil

Artifact 5 - The Dryad

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Artifact 5 - The Dryad

Deep into the forest, you can sometimes hear leaves rustling when there is no wind, or trees creaking, branches hanging low. These occurrences can often be caused by the passing of a Dryad, watching you, making sure no one harms her home. If you encounter one, be wary, as they will fiercely defend the forest from aggressive intruders. Using magic swords made of the strongest of woods, they strike quickly and vanish into the trees again. When a Dryad fades, its sword goes back to the earth and feeds nearby trees. So to find one of these swords means that you were lucky enough to befriend such a creature, or that one is giving you its sword as a present to help the forest.This is a unique item, meaning that there is only one in existence, and it will never be made again. So don't wait!Artist: John McAuley

This auction will end on September 24th at 23:59:59. You need to input your bid in CAD.

Weight (g): 500
Total Length (cm): 112
Blade Length (cm): 80
Blade Tickness (cm): 2
Blade color: Brown
Blade Type: Cavalry Saber
Handle length (cm): 31
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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