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Doppelsoldner (Extended)

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This two-handed LARP sword features our newest blade. Steel-colored with silver accents, its unique S shape give a menacing look while remaining perfectly safe thanks to our Calimacil foam. The steel-colored handle is wrapped with leather-like brown foam and gives the sword a firm grip for a deadly reach and a great handling. The included guard can be removed for transport or to personalize even more the weapon. It is also stiff enough to deflect blows, but will bend enough to remain safe. Even though the sword has a deadly reach, it remains as safe as our other weapons and will withstand years of harsh combat situations. Note: our other tsubas and rings do not fit this sword.


Historical sword of the Landsknechts, this long sword will also please ruthless mercenaries and fighters who wish to keep their adversaries at bay. A favourite of refined warriors, the two-handed blade will inevitably fall into the hands of a larger creature, such as a troll or giant, who will use it as a sword of his formidable size.

Weight (g): 1050
Total Length (cm): 182
Blade Length (cm): 119
Blade Tickness (cm): 3
Blade color: Steel
Handle length (cm): 63
Grip length (cm): 25
Cross guard width (cm): 22
Material: Hybrid, Calimacil Foam


Customer Reviews

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Most excellent

This is the third weapon in my possession which was made from Calimacil, and is by far my favourite. It came in one piece, and the unboxing was a surprise considering its size in person. I always practice with it, and it holds well when taking impact (excepting a few minor scuffs on the coating) and am completely satisfied with this purchase. I expect too much abuse to this product would most likely cause some unwanted damage, but with the common sense to hold such a greatsword, it will maintain its beauty. Would recommend to anyone interested in buying this piece.

Very nice sword

I received my sword about a month ago and it was HUGE! I knew the size of it when I bought it, but seeing it in person is another thing entirely. It is a little more than 6 feet long in total and I love it.

One Of A Kind

First of all, this weapon matches Calimacil's standards for wondrous durability and artistic detail for their foam weapons; not much more needs to be said there, as they remain first class in these regards.
As for performance, the doppelsoldner's weight makes swinging it take a lot more effort than most other weapons, so using both hands is extremely important for control (Do Not attempt to wield this monster one-handed, unless you want your shoulder to complain the rest of the day), but it remains just as safe to hit as other Calimacil weapons. The sheer enormity of this thing also allows for more technique than just slashing around. For example, grabbing the wrapped blade below the quillons effectively turns it into a spear, which is actually a historical use for a weapon of this size.
And speaking of size (and history), Calimacil have truly outdone themselves with this weapon. As far as my lengthy searching has found, this is the ONLY historically accurate instance of a foam greatsword on the market (most greatswords historically measured around 60-70 inches, or 5-6 feet, from blade tip to pommel); all other competing brands create longsword-length weapons (stopping around 48-55 inches), but label them greatswords. The amount of effort put into making something so large safe and structurally stable must have been challenging, and so a special thank you goes to the R&D people who figured that out. Of particular note, however, are the rings on the crossguard, which as noted elsewhere, are clearly fragile near the bulbs. Mine haven't broken, but it's clear the point of connection is a bit too small for the kind of abuse the weapon is likely to face through prolonged use.

Overall though, despite what amounts to a single minor flaw, if you're looking for a PROPER greatsword for LARP, this is the absolute best you can find. As of the time of writing this, there is legitimately zero competition for professionally made and historically accurate foam greatswords.


Everything Perfect

Doppelsoldner? Damn near killed 'err!

To start off...
That's how I feel when I think about using this thing. I love it, it's a beast. It's so long. How does a sword even get this long? Is it even a sword anymore? No. It's a life choice. You don't use a Doppelsoldner. You carry it and it does the rest of the work for you. You are just a vessel for its magnificence.
I've had this sword for a couple years. I love it, as per Calimacil standard, it looks fantastic. The blade has held up very well, however, there are two parts of the guard that are a bit on the flimsier side. So one of them broke at a small connecting point for me, but I gorilla glued it back on and have had no problems since. But the tip is still in great shape, and it's stabbed a lot of armour, so that's all that's important.
It is hilarious to use. At the game I play, Ashes of an Empire, having a weapon with reach is a major boon on the battlefield. And this weapon has reach. This weapon invented reach, it's so long. But it's very versatile in its use. It's wieldly enough that in a duel against one or even two people, you can stand your ground. And in a line, behind a shield wall, it's essentially a pike. I haven't had too many complaints about the thrusts, which I could see being an issue with such a large weapon. But it hasn't been.
Year after year, Calimacil has outdone themselves. This weapon is no exception. I would give it 5 stars, but again, that relatively easy to break part of the guard (which is just aesthetic and easy to fix) brings that down. If I could do a 4.5, I would. Fantastic sword.

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