Beowulf II - Calimacil LARP Dagger

Beowulf II

the Norse Legend

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The Squire Collection : Safe, Durable and Realistic. The products of the Squire Collection make no compromise on the essential characteristics of a Calimacil Foam Weapon. You want to start larping? You have a friend that needs a quality foam weapon? The Squire Collection offers an affordable option for any situation. Their simple design makes them perfect for beginners and veterans alike.


The rite of passage to adulthood is an important tradition for all tribes, clans, villages and families in the realm. However, not all give it the same meaning. As many tell tales about the importance of keeping the family safe, some see in this ceremony the coming of age when kids are finally ready for war. That’s what my clan thinks, and so do I. Today, I shall receive my Scramasax, and tomorrow we depart to wage war. I can already see the other clans flee at our sight. We will come back with our hands full of the fruit of our pillages, or we won’t come back.


The Beowulf II is a new version of the original Scramasax. Always made of the safest Calimacil foam, it is durable enough to give you years of good battles and great uses. The colours of the weapon have been updated to give it an unseen before realism. Its blade and part of the handle are now steel-coloured, and the black leather imitation is now a deep red.


Many viking warriors will fall for the charms of this historical weapon. Should they be fighting for honour, family or to conquer new territories, warriors will love to have by their side such a weapon, that can be used as a secondary weapon or as a primary one in close-quarters combat. Furthermore, nobles and merchants will love its simplicity and ease of use.

Weight (g): 145
Total Length (cm): 48
Blade Length (cm): 31
Blade color: Steel
Handle length (cm): 17
Grip length (cm): 15
Cross guard width (cm): 5
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Customer Reviews

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Simple and Dependable

I've been using this dagger for years and it has held up beautifully with zero problems. It's simple and fits almost any fantasy setting without being too specific or flashy - for straight forward or simple characters. It barely has any wear after extensive use in all weather and temperatures. Love this knife.

So Nice I Bought It Twice!

The title speaks for itself! I love this dagger as a melee or a throwing weapon! Perfect for executing a sneak attack against my enemies.

***Also very useful in a shield wall where men are pressed together as close as lovers, and a longsword becomes cumbersome and unwieldy. Drive one of these bad boys up under the enemy shield and feel the hot rush of blood down over your hand. Glorious!!

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