Ranger Quick release Dorsal Scabbard – Calimacil

Ranger Quick release Dorsal Scabbard

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Dorsal scabbard for LARP made by Dracolite.
Imagined and created by their leather team.
The design makes it easy to release your sword from your back scabbard. 

Black with black fur and silver rivet.
A brown with Black fur and brass rivet is also available.
Each model can be wielded on the Left or Right side.
The Blade size is adjustable so you can fit virtually any Calimacil sword

Ideal for :

LARP character: Rogue, Assassin, Mercenary
Cosplay and costume
Medieval fairs, LARP and other events

Customer Reviews

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Oh my god, I have no words for how happy this thing makes me. I am a tiny, petite Asian woman who for the life of me could not find any way to wear a scabbarded sword in a way that I can actually use— my arms are too short to unsheathe them all the way! I'd basically given up on ever participating in any kind of LARP event because I couldn't stand the anxious thought of having to stop, unbuckle and take off my belt or baldric, and use both hands to remove the sword in front of normal, non-halfling-size humans. This works beautifully! After only about half an hour of figuring out how best to wear it (strap lengths, which way was up, etc.) and another maybe 15 minutes of practice, I can now smoothly sheathe and unsheathe my favorite double-handed longsword without feeling like a stunted hobbit. I will say, though, that the straps are still too long for me and I had to make new holes with my awl so that I could get a secure fit. I won't ding any stars for this, though, as I am on the unnaturally petite side and I always have to add new holes in belts unless I buy from the kids' section. As soon as this quarantine lifts up I will definitely take many pictures in it and wear it to as many events as I can!!


I love this take on a back scabbard. It sits comfortably on your back and with the single point of contact avoids the loss of flexibility of other designs like skyhooks. The draw and twist is butter smooth and re-sheathing, while requiring a bit of practice is very easy. My only complaint is that I wish the frog part was mounted higher up on the rear triangle section. While most swords with the longer hilts will work fine, it's a bit of reach back to grab my Novice II as the sword rests a few inches lower than I'd like.

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